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We're helping raise awareness for people with invisible disabilities, by helping Eve raise money for her service dog, Molly. Molly is a specially trained mobility assistance dog that will help Eve with the daily tasks she is unable to do.

Who Am I

I was born with a defect in my shoulders that is progressively degenerating. I have had several surgeries to correct this defect; with each surgery having its successes and its drawbacks. My last set of surgeries restored nerve function and an outward appearance of normalcy for which I am very grateful. However, while I have the use of my hand, and I appear normal, I am unable to lift, push or pull anything more than the weight of a coffee cup and have found no relief from my life of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Since I have limited upper-body mobility, and strength I am no longer able to work in my former professions of massage therapist and technical writer. Therefore, I returned to college to complete my degree in Psychology. If you would like more information go to :

The goal of the Molly Project is to help me become a more independent productive member of society again. How does a person who loves to be active, who loves to work, and who loves to learn, adapt to a lifestyle of invisible disability? I am not the type of person who gives up, and I don’t want to be the type of person who refuses to function because of my limitations. The first way I am adapting is by returning to college (TWU) to complete my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have decided to follow my dreams of becoming a Chaplin and vocational minister. After I complete my undergraduate degree I plan to attend graduate school at TCU. Some of my goals include the simple tasks that most people, with properly functioning upper bodies, take for granted. I want to be able to take my books and laptop to school, to grocery shop on my own, and to walk through crowds without the physical pain from the natural contact of a crowd. I want to be able to move grocery bags from the car to house, move laundry from one room to another and open doors. I want and need to be independent enough to help other people.

How will a service dog help me?

Since I am unable to carry anything beyond the weight of a coffee cup, a service dog trained in the areas where I require assistance will be able to help me by:

  • Carrying a back pack that contains my school books.
  • Carrying up to 15-20 pounds in her pack and up to 50 pounds in cart.
  • Pushing or pulling a grocery cart.
  • Removing items from the shelf and placing them in the cart.
  • Carrying grocery bags from the car to the house.
  • Clearing a path in crowds and acting as a buffer between me and others.
  • Opening doors that are to heavy for me.
  • Picking up dropped objects.
  • Retrieving the phone for me to call for assistance, if necessary.
  • Pushing a personal emergency button, if needed.

In general a service dog will help me with any activity that is either difficult, painful or impossible for me to accomplish with my upper body.

How can you help?

I am seeking your financial assistance with obtaining my service dog. Service dogs are magnificent and highly trained animals that require years of extensive training to be able to assist their disabled handler. Conversely, the disabled partners of service dogs must go through extensive training as well. Because of the training required for both the animals and the handler, these animals cost more than the average canine pet. Because of my disabilities I am unable to earn an income sufficient to pay for my necessary service dog. Therefore, 100% of your donation will be applied to the cost of my service dog and my personal training. My goal is to have my service dog by the Fall 2010 semester. Your contribution will help me meet that goal. By helping me acquire Molly, you will be helping me take a burden off my body that Molly will be able to carry. By helping me decrease my physical burden you will be helping me decrease my pain levels. By helping decrease my pain levels, you will be helping me complete my education. By helping me complete my education you will be helping me return to the workforce in a profession that my body will be able to perform. By helping me return to the workforce, you will be helping me to help others.

Funds raised for Molly

Molly is available with some of the training I need currently in place. However, she will need additional training for my specialized needs.
Because of my unique circumstance, I need a dog that can carry weight now. 100% of your donations will go to helping me acquire Molly.

The $30,000 will be used for:

* My fully trained and certified service dog, Molly.
* Preparation for dog placement:
* Assistance adaptations to the house
* Family training
* My formal training
* Team training with Molly



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