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I am asking friends and family, and even strangers, if they are able to help us keep our home.

My name is Victoria, and I am a single mother of two amazing children. I was recently in a relationship with someone that allowed me to stay home and take care of my children - be a stay at home mom. Things didn't end up working out with my significant other, and he moved out on October 1st 2014.

His leaving, and my not having a job situated at the time, has left me and my kids in a serious predicament. We have a $638 rent bill (that does not include the late fees of $5 charged each day till rent is received), a $199 cable and internet bill, and my bank account in the negative -$200.

I have an interview with Teleperformance, the company that bought my previous employer, on 10-07-2014, but even if I were start immediately that leaves us likely homeless because our rent is due on the 9th of the month. They are very strict about their rent policies, and since we were nearly evicted last month, it has been clearly stated that they wont work much with us this month.

I wont lie. I am terrified. My kids and I don't have a place to go if we get evicted, nor a place to store our things in the interim. We really need help. Our rental manager doesn't accept SEACAP due to past issues, and their assistance for this month is closed. St Vincent Du Paul does not do rent assistance at this time, and we are currently calling around to all the different churches to try and get some help - but many of them are out of funds, and the rest don't do rent assistance.

Please, friends, family, and even strangers - we would appreciate any help we can get right now. I hate asking, and it seems like I am often in a position where my children and my living situations are at risk. I am embarrassed to ask for help, but here I am. We really appreciate any help you can offer.
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