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In URGENT need to raise funds for help with out-of-pocket medical and related expenses for a stem cell transplant. Please Help.

I am desperately trying to raise money to help with out-of-pocket medical expenses so that Kelvin, my husband can have a much needed stem cell transplant. The cost of such a procedure is exorbitant and will not be possible without your generosity. Please, will you help my husband's fight to live by helping him have peace of mind?
My husband's battle began January 31, 2010 , first by having internal bleeding and requiring emergency surgery to remove a soccer sized hematoma, then a stroke followed three days later and the final diagnosis, Sjogren Syndrome. He did not recover completely and though he can walk and talk quite well since the stroke, he was still very ill and weak. Doctors continued testing and then in July 2011, he was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. The only way to treat this cancer is with 4 cycles of chemotherapy, 4 treatments per cycle, a cocktail of oral medications and lastly a stem cell transplant. Into cycle 2 Kelvin became very ill with a high fever and cough and was rushed to the hospital, there he stayed for two months exactly. He had contracted Legionnaire's Disease, Pneumonia and Pulmonary Aspergilloma from having a weak immune system as a result of the chemo and having to have 3% of his lung removed. Now here we are, in hopes that this stem cell transplant will bring him back to as normal of a life as possible.
Some of you know Kelvin and many of you don't, so I'd like to end this with a little bit about the man that I've been married to for the past 21 years, this is fact and I can testify is true through our years together. Kelvin began working as a carpenter in 1974 with the Carpenter's Union local 745 and was always in excellent standing. In the last 21 years my husband has never once taken a vacation, very very few personal/sick days and never had to collect unemployment due to a lay off and more often than not, he worked six days a week, sometimes seven and many, many holidays...because of his devotion to his work. My husband's motto is this, "I devote myself to my work while it is available and I am strong and in my retirement I will reap the rewards." My husband loves his work and still dreams of getting healthy and returning till he reaches his retirement age. My husband was also devoted to living a healthy lifestyle, he doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and ran five miles and lifted free weights seven days a week, rain or shine! Every single day after a long day of hard back-breaking work in the sun sometimes for 12 hours, six days a week. This man, my husband is worth helping, he is worth saving and deserves a second chance towards a healthy life...please, I ask that you look into your hearts and help with what you are comfortable with.
Thank you in advance for your donation. Thank you for taking the time to read this long plea. Thank you for caring.
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