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Crusade For Sandra Sandra a.k.a. Sandy Lynn Konwerski, Taylor, a young 33 year old woman was diagnosed on Feb.18,2010 with AML-M5 Lukemia. Please join the crusade as we help Sandy conquer this disease.

                                        Crusade For Sandra

          Crusade means: War, Battle, Fight, Struggle, Movement.

Sandra, aka, Sandy Lynn, is a wonderful young 33 year old woman and mother. On Feb. 18, 2010, Sandy learned she has AML-M5 Leukemia. That is the day that we had to "Wage War" against her cancer.

Sandy was in the prior months feeling overly tired, she had lost all her energy, had aching pains, and Sandy being Sandy, thought she was “Doing to much Stuff: as all young mothers do.

Sandra and Jeff are the proud parents of awesome Jake and Savannah. They both work very hard at providing them with love and teaching them about Jesus. They spend all their time together. They go to parks, spend time with family and friends. And as all families, these days, they both, work outside the home. Sandy loves her job and the company she works for, Associated Builders and Contractors- Virginia Chapter. They have been a blessing in helping as much as possible.

Sandy is a person who when you speak of her, the words, loving, caring, giving, sweet all come to mind. She is a daughter, and her mom is her best friend. She is a sister, wife, and mother, sister in law, cousin, niece, and friend. Sandy loves chocolate, a lot. She is the one, who makes you laugh, listens, the first one to lend a hand. She is just one of those precious kinds of people who you want in your life.

Jeff and Sandy are blessed as husband and wife. Jeff has been her rock. He has been both the father and mother these days. He is taking care of Sandy, working, trying to manage the finances and hold it all together. Please keep Jeff in your prayers, for he is a strong man, but also needs the love and support.

We have all been trying to keep Jake and Savannah in their regular routine as much as possible. The continued support of their church and daycare family, Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, has also been a great blessing to the family.

Sandy needs your support as she “Fights” this cancer. When she can not put up with one more day in the hospital and the chemotherapy has taken its toll. She needs our love and prayers. When she is too weak to hold her sweet babies in her arms, she needs our love and prayers. She needs to know how beautiful she still is as the chemo has robbed her of her beautiful long black hair.

Sandy has won her first “Battle” with chemotherapy and has just started the next round. But there are many ahead. Her brothers Mike and Al will be tested for a bone marrow transplant. Please keep them in your prayers also.

On 4/23/2010, Sandy was told that gentic testing shows an abnormality in her gene called MLL 11q23. which means that a bone marrow transplant is very much needed. Mike and Al, Sandy's brothers, will undergo testing within the next few weeks. Sandy will also be placed on the national donor list just in case. We will send links and more information soon, so if anyone would like to test to be a donor. Again, your  prayers have a powerful healing from God .

May 7, 2010

 Mike and Al recieved the pre test kits for testing to become a donor for Sandra's bone marrow, Stem Cell  transplant. Without the transplant, Sandy only has a 15% survival rate. Please keep them in your prayers that they will be a match. Also, read Sandy's carepage site for her own medical update, just go to the provided link. Go to the tab and click on it. It will take you to the carepages site. You must sign in with your own password and ID. It is free. Once you do that, it will open to Sandra's words.

May 21, 2010.

Today is a terrible day. We have found out that neither Mike or Al is a donor match. Also, the national donor list, so far, also does not have a match. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP, a battle lost, BUT we still have VICTORY in our future. Keep the prayers coming. Look for another update. Jeff and Sandra will be meeting with the doctors for the next plan of attack on the Cancer.

June 13, 2010

Tomorrow, Monday, JUNE 14, is :

                         Sandra's BIRTHDAY!!!  Let's CELEBRATE!!!!!

We are asking at the ending of this fundraiser to donate a gift to the Crusade for Sandra. Any donation is a great way to celebrate with Sandy on this 34th birthday.

Do you know of anyone in your circle of family, friends, co-workers who you could foward this site too. We are in need of donations, prayer chains, cards of encouragement, blood donations to your local blood bank, and the most important...join the National Donor Marrow Program. Please link on the site provided. Joining and recieving a kit is FREE. Help us save Sandra or possiblily the life of someone else. The kit is easy. It comes to your home. You just use the swab included, wipe it in your mouth, and THAT"S IT. Send it in the provided mailing enevolpe, and there you go, on your way to possibily saving a life.  There is not a Match for Sandra at this time, so please, take the opportunity to be the one for Sandy or someone you don't even know, what is a better gift than giving someone life.

Another link provided in the Link section of this site, is Sandra's Care Pages. Read her own blog on her feelings on this Battle. To view the pages, you must join and get your password, and this is FREE also.

  REMEMBER: There is only THREE days left to donate to the fundraiser, so please, do so now.  If you prefer, send cards to the Sandra Taylor Foundation address listed  below.  Thank you and love from Sandra and her family.

Sandy and Jeff have been blessed to have medical insurance. But as all know, not all is covered. There are the out of pocket expenses of the medical bills, and prescription costs. The overwhelming expenses of day to day living, with the loss of income are taking its toll.

As we “Campaign” for your love, support, prayers, and donations, please know that everything is very much appreciated and we thank you from our hearts.

We are determined through this “Movement” to meet all our GOALS-



John14:14 "If you ask me anything in My name, I will do it.

God , we pray to you, Please heal Sandra, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

There will be victory in this WAR against Sandy’s Cancer. With the help of everyone, who joins this movement for Sandy we will conquer.

Please follow Sandy and her day to day progress through Sign up is free, and look for Crusade for Sandra.

Donations can also be made at any Wachovia Bank. The Sandra Taylor Foundation. Acct # ending in 0433.

Cards and Donations can also be mailed to:

The Sandra Taylor Foundation 3030 Irisdale Road, Richmond, VA 23228. Please make checks payable to the foundation.

Giving blood is also another way to help people with illness.

Further information or suggestions please contact: Katie [Sandy’s Sister-In-Law to be] at

Thank you, and God’s Blessings to you also.


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