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as people having traveling in a strange place knows,sometime it is always less fun and comfortable for us to travel in a strange place.However, this is largely because we are not very fimilar with the right local direction,the local culture like the good-manner-keeping with local people, the specialties of the local food ,the avoiding of the local potential religion conflict ectectera. nevertheless,i,Rui Wang(Jarrik Wang),can help all of travelers from out side of China to get through this problem and give you guys a fantastic trip in China solving all of that problems above.

i am an native living in China for 22 years and i love traveling as well (i have visited most of the prevalent scenic spots in China and i am quiet fimilar to the local direction and culture in those places) , so i contrive i am qualified enough to be these travelers'(someday might be yours) friendly and obliging personal tour guide and i am very willing to support myself assist you with a satisfiedly finish your trips if i am wealthy enough. But unfortunately, i am not, so i need your guys' support to help me to assist these dream-holder travelers with a safe and satisfied journey, and the fund is 1800$ per journey(covering all of my personal expense like all kinds of tickets fare,accommodation fee,the simple meals,and the admission tickets of scenic spots that the travelers would like to go)

best wishes
yours sincerely
personal tour guide
Jarrik Wang(Rui Wang)
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