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Sarahs nerve testing and new hope for life please help

Sarah is a 20 year old chinese girl and starting 8 months ago has has a very strange nerve issue she has been to just about every doctor in beijing now, the doctors will not even listen to things she says or her suggestions due to chinese belief system there they dont believe in cutting and there methods are about 5 years behind accoring to her nerve case they say sarah is really loosing hope her family doesnt care anything about her her mother is so cold that she will not even give her a type of injection she needs each night on purpose she feels she lives in a broken family where her parents dont even love each other her mother and father can remember to stay up to watch a simple tv show but they cant seem to hear a crying girl right iside there home at night that feels her nerves burning like pins and needles in her hands feet and lower back and around her knees it breaks my heart to hear her cry each night her family has said directly to her that she is a burden and is costing them money and wont even bother helping her with a simple massage or even to ask how she feels she is loosing power in the right side of her body she fears one day she will not even be able to move or even die soon she is getting worse each day what she needs is to get help here in america to get a muscle biopsy or a skin biopsy perhaps for a better chance to see what her problem is cause she is very limited in china over time her spirt has been broken by such a terrible ilness she cant even walk down a street without begining to feel tired and see is having muscle atrophy when one part of the muscles begin to shrink if someone could please donate for her cause and a race against time we would be very greatful anything that someone can give would be great her own family wont even help her but since i met her i have given her a new hope to live im in love with this girl but fear her life will not last past seven years we want to get married but she feels she would be a burden to me due to her illness and a waste of space just like everyone has told her so far. When someone is down thats when you realize who is there for you i want to be there for her every second i can her time is running out someone please help with anything you are able to spare thank you so much the money will be spent so she can go to a special lab here somewhere to get testing for her nerve problem it will all be used for medical expenses

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