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Spencer and Ben, our 7 and 8 year old, boys know their mother is sick.

It is difficult for them to understand because she is not currently showing signs they are familiar with of being "sick". Slowly they are beginning to realize there is more to it than what we are telling them despite how hard we try to hide the weight we are carrying.

Her love for us is truly limitless. We have always had the most amazing marriage and life. I always thought I fully appreciated her in my life, and yet it has been infinitely magnified since we were informed of her diagnosis.

After the diagnosis there were many tears. Then her amazing first words to me were, "I will fight this and do anything I need to do to live and I want to spend every moment I can with you, Ben, and Spencer".

Kathy has such an adventurous spirit that many of her adult friends have asked her to adopt them so they could come with us on our family adventures. We are now asking you to adopt her as she faces the most important adventure of her life.

We must act quickly.

On September 28th, Kathy was diagnosed with Stage III invasive ductal carcinoma, HER2 positive breast cancer. It was a complete accident she found the lump, she simply had an itch. She doesn't smoke, eats organically, is physically fit, and there is no history of cancer in her family. So this comes as a complete shock. It is estimated that only about 20 percent of breast cancers are HER2 positive. HER2 positive breast cancers tend to be more aggressive and spread more quickly than other cancers.

Since then we have been immersing ourselves in treatment options. We have been working with doctors, specialists, and consultants across North America to formulate a treatment plan for Kathy. There have been strides in cancer treatments throughout the United States, and even more worldwide. We have limited treatment options where we live. We have to go out of state, and more than likely out of the country for some of these treatments.

Treatments could take over a year but the next six months are critical.

We need your help.

There isn't a lot of support for people who want to pursue a non-conventional path . The purely conventional cancer treatment offered in the U.S. can be effective although it can also cause additional cancers, fatal side effects, and weaken the body's ability to fight thereby increasing the risk of re-occurrence.

Kathy wants to use an integrative approach to her cancer treatment, which means focusing on the whole person, not just the tumor and the metastatic cancer. We have already spent thousands of dollars out of pocket ordering more expensive and intricate blood, genetic, and DNA tests and there are still more to do. These tests have revealed areas of her immune system that needed to be strengthened to better prepare her for the upcoming intensive treatments. It makes sense to focus on strengthening the body and utilizing additional treatments in order to weaken the cancer which helps chemotherapy and radiation to be more effective, and possibly lessening the amount needed.

No one knows why someone gets cancer but by treating the whole person instead of fighting only the cancer we hope to improve her chances for success and prevent her cancer from returning.

Please contribute and share Kathy's story with family and friends. Your donations will go toward travel expenses, testing, and treatments. It will also allow us to stay together as a family through this process. We will keep everyone informed of her status. Kathy is committed to sharing her journey with others in the hopes that they can learn from her experiences, both good and bad. If you can't contribute, please share this page on Facebook or share it on a blog or website using the links on this page.

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