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Andrew, Drew, Drewbie, Brownie- he'll answer to any of those...unless he's having a seizure. That's when his world comes to a stop.

My blond haired little buddy
Innocent by all account
Yet mean by others -
So full of life

One eye on his older brother
Ready to pounce
Spring into action
Fear me he says for I am

What happened?
I fell against a window sill
And lost some front teeth
Mom says it was caused
By epilepsy

Fear me he says for I am
I can't breathe well, why?
Mom,...why can't I breathe well?
I don't know my little one

Fear me he says for I am
I may just be four
But mom says,...God won't
Let me carry more than I can bear

Fear me he says for I am

Fear me!

(Written by Andrew's papa. Written better than most have been able to say.)

Six months ago Andrew was a very active, fun loving, strong willed, social little three year old. On January 24, 2012 at 7pm, the first seizure came. The seizures have continued to come in all different types and durations since. Generalized Epilepsy is the diagnosis as of right now. Simply stated...Andrew has "misfirings" across both hemispheres of his brain without a distinct starting place.

Along with the seizures has come recurring pneumonias, aspiration pneumonias, severe asthma, environmental allergies that keep him mostly confined to the indoors and being fearful of everything...mainly of the "what if" factor of his epilepsy. Andrew has endured numerous trips to Children's ER, admissions, CT's, MRI's, EEG's, sleep studies, x-rays, sweat tests, breathing treatments, percussion vests, IV's and more medication than any child should ever have to consume.

Andrew's neurologist has prescribed a wheelchair to be used after his seizures and on those days that his little legs just can't go anymore. The prescribed wheelchair costs $2500.00 and insurance will not cover any of the cost because Andrew is not "confined" to the chair.

Andrew, who has just turned four, has two older brothers, an older sister, and a baby brother. His daddy is working in Afghanistan to ensure all of the kids are taken care of and so Andrew's mommy can be with him and care for well as maintain as normal of a household as possible for the whole family. A wheelchair for Andrew will mean less missed opportunitites for his siblings while being able to provide more opportunities for Andrew to participate with his brothers and sister. (Not to mention saving his mommy's back and easing his daddy's mind.)

Prayers surround Andrew and his family and, through all of the heartache and tears, the family recognizes the blessings God has provided in every moment of everyday. The family is praying for another blessing through this fundraiser.
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