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A match has been found for Steve! Help us raise funds to make this life saving transplant possible for him and his family!

I met Steve at a West Coast Swing dance in California, and a wonderful year and a half later we were married (in our dance shoes!). Soon after that he went to the doctor for constant nausea, leg cramps, and other symptoms. The next day I got a call and was told to take him to the hospital immediately; his kidneys were failing. We found out later that he had some scar tissue that had caused "bilateral hydronephrosis", basically the flooding of his kidneys. After two surgeries the scar tissue was successfully removed but Steve was left with 10% kidney function and a diagnosis of "end stage renal disease". With a very strict diet he maintained that minimal function for quite some time.

Four years ago we moved to Montana. Shortly after that his kidneys started on a steady decline, and Steve had to go on dialysis. He now spends four hours a day, every day, doing dialysis at home to stay alive. In the ten years I have known him he has never been healthy. Dialysis replaces less than 15% of his kidney function, and he continues to suffer from frequent nausea, chronic fatigue, heartburn, and progressively worsening restless leg syndrome that in his case would be better called "restless body syndrome".

We had always planned that if he ended up on dialysis I would donate a kidney (if possible), and then right after he started dialysis we found out I was pregnant! Fast forward 2 years and here we are, with an amazing 1 1/2 year old little boy, looking forward with great anticipation to having a normal life that will be made possible with Steve's upcoming kidney transplant. For the first time since I have known him, Steve will actually be healthy! A few months ago we started the testing process and discovered that by God's mercy we are indeed a match!

As I am learning more about kidney transplants, the words "financially devastating" keep appearing. And as we have gotten further into the transplant process, the truth of this has really set in. We have to make two trips to California for pre-transplant meetings and tests, then a three month relocation to the Stanford Hospital area for the transplant, another trip at 6 months post transplant, and annual trips after that. There are insurance deductables, hospital co-pays, and very expensive anti-rejection medication that he will have to take every day. Without this medication his kidney will stop working and he will wind up right back on dialysis again.

Steve is my partner in life, the love of my life. He is an amazing, supportive, loving husband and in spite of his illness he is an even more amazing father to our little boy. It is heartbreaking to learn that even though we are a match, and even though we have insurance, we still can't afford the expenses involved. We need your help to make this life saving transplant possible for Steve and for our family. Anything you can give would mean the world to us.

Here some examples of what your donation will help pay for:

$15 - co-pay for one day of anti-rejection medication
$45 - weekly cost of commuting for follow up care at Stanford
$75 - one night of lodging during our three month relocation
$95 - secondary insurance monthly premium
$105 - Medicare monthly premium
$320 - gas one way from our home in Montana to Stanford Hospital
$450 - co-pay for one month of anti rejection medication
$1,000 - secondary insurance deductible
$1,156 - hospital stay deductible

A kidney transplant will add 10 to 15 years to Steve's life expectancy. There is a big "Give Now!" button at the bottom of this page. Your donation, small or large, will make a huge difference in our lives, and to our future as a family. If you would prefer to send a check please make it out to "A Kidney For Steve" and send it to:

A Kidney for Steve
PO Box 1037
Anaconda, MT 59711

Any questions at all email me at

Thank you so, so much for your generosity and support,

Christine Noland
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