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Please help me continue to battle for my life for my son and family, friends and patients!!!!

Hi There!  My name is Christie Korth.  I am a mother to a handsome 7 year old and a beautiful 4 year old angel daughter in heaven.  I am also an award winning author, Crohn's survivor and an American renowned nutritionist.  I have lovingly helped thousands of people, but have been diagnosed with several terminal conditions. 

I am a fighter, my dad taught me to never, ever quit.  I have been through hell in the past two years, 32 hospital stays, no answers, squeaky clean credit me found myself having to go bankrupt, loosing my high paying corporate job.  My medical costs are increasing by the second, so I ask you to read my story.  My son needs me, and your donations will pay for dysautonomia rehab, surgeries, transportation, neuro rehab by a world renowned neurologist, and colleage Dr. Robert Melillo of Brain Balance Acvievement Centers. and my blessed doc who has been treating me pro bono for two years, Dr David A Gentile.

When I was 19, I discovered I had Crohn's Disease and almost died. In my first book, The IBD Healing Plan and Recipe Book, I speak about how I healed myself and thousands of others afflicted with IBD.  I also deicated 6 years of my career to working with Dr. Melillo as the corporate director of nutrition for Brain Balance.  I have helped thouands of families with Autism, ADHD, etc.  It has been my life's mission to help others, always!

Flash forward to 2013, I had been working three jobs for 6 years to support my family, and after almost loosing a gallbladder, flat lining dozens of times, I kept coming back to life, and was finally was diagnosed with 20 different health conditions. 4 of them a EXTREMELY RARE. Due to my medical conditions, over the past 2 years I have attempted to go back to work dozens of times, but continue to decline.

However, my spirit in the law of attraction and faith in God is good, and my mission once again, is to help those around me by writing two more books once I am well on the new medical conditions I have.  My goal is to donate 10 percent of sales to Dysautonomia and Lyme Disease Research and Awareness.

I am now in desperate need to fund my medical care for the following health conditions:

  • A. Late Stage Lyme disease  (Treatment cost: Doc 500.00 per visit plus 20k for hyperbaric treatment)
  • B. Severe dysautonomia (all 4 types- extreamly rare) Cost: $1500.00 for first consult/ 500.00 per Treatment after, plus travel expenses into NYC)
  • C. Severe Illial Cecal Crohn's/colitis
  • D. Epilepsy
  • F. PCOS
  • G. Encephalopathy
  • H. Peripheral Neuropathy
  • I. Brain damage
  • J. Early onset dementia
  • H. ADD/OCD
  • I. Anxiety
  • J. Sweets Syndrome
  • K. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis ( will put me on a liver transplant list.)
  • L. Right Abbarent Subclavian Artery (lethal diagnosis w/o proper medical care)
  • M. Gait abnormalities/poor strider, wheelchair bound most times. (Cost PT is $400.00 per month)
  • N. OPK/VOR weaknesses (prevents me from reading)
  • O. I can no longer run due to my heart, depression has set in big time.  And I miss playdates and even cooking my son breakfast. 
  • I am almost entirely dependent on friends/family for care and my patients NEED me back at work!!!

Please donate whatever you can, even if it is a dollar! I have beautiful 7 year old who needs his mama and a baby who passed 4 years ago who isn't ready to meet her Mama in heaven yet.

God put me on this planet to help people, and I have done so, and with his grace and help to complete my medical treatments, I can finally get back to do what I do best, being a Mama and a rockstar nutritionist/author who wants to "Heal the World" one person at a time.

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