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Yaroslav's friends raising money for newborn child's heart surgery

Yaroslav's Summary
What happened? A child named Yaroslav was born in the city of Tolyatti (Russia, Samara Oblast) on 16th of September 2010 and the same day serious problems with his heart were revealed. After one day, with the help of aviation, he was taken to Samara city, where diagnosis was formulated. Yaroslav is having a serious and complicated congenital heart disease (in other words half of his heart has problems). 6 days after birth, Yaroslav had an open-heart surgery and one more after 2 weeks. However these surgeries are just auxiliary and should enable only short period to live.

The child is growing and his heart cannot catch up with this growth, so time is playing its role. Only Berlin cardiology center agreed to carry out the surgery with Yaroslav’s complicated condition. The cost of surgery, which is 40 000 euro, is not affordable to the parents. The father’s salary is about 400 dollars per month, and mother is on maternity leave. They do not possess any property to sell.

Even small donation would be appreciated and should play a role, especially if this information is delivered further.

Yaroslav's Story
Hello, my name is Yulya, and I’m mother of sunny boy – Yaroslav. I do not even know where should I start from, still it seems as if this is just a terrible dream.
I’m writing to you to ask for a help. Maybe I’m going to write something improperly, but I do not know how it is right, so I apologize in advance. Never in my life I’ve been in a such a situation, when I had to ask for the help from completely unknown people, however I’m not intimidated at all, because I’m asking not for myself but for a child. I know that the world is not without kind people, I believe that we will be helped, since it’s not just possible to believe the different.

I was telling that we’re going to have a boy and he is going to be born on 16th of September 2010 while I was on my third month of pregnancy and it happened so. On 16th of September 2010 our little boy draw his first breath. Oh God, what a happiness, when your child is lying on your belly! This feeling has nothing to compare with. The doctors told that everything is fine and left two of us. We were lying and watching each other for 2 hours being afraid of missing any little details. Even in the delivery room I understood that my baby is not the same as others. He did not cry like other babies. Then he was taken away, reasoning that with my tiredness and need for a rest (the delivery lasted for 20 hours).
However only 2 hours later the nurse came and explained that Yaroslav is on oxygen support (end of sentence is unclear). At this moment my heart started beating, here is he on my arms, now everything should be fine… How wrong I was at that time…
After one and a half hour I saw that my son started to turn blue. I ran to the post for the nurse. I can hardly recall anything afterwards. He was taken to the resuscitation, I ran after him and started waiting for him, crying and not understanding what is happening. In the meanwhile the phone was bursting of messages and calls with congratulations…
The superintendent came out and told that they are doing everything possible, and then she left.
This phrase put me into deadlock, what does it means “Doing everything possible”???
After some time together with my husband we were allowed to come into resuscitation room. I wish no one what we saw there. Yarik (Yaroslav) was lying with bluish-grayish-green color tubes all around him, swollen like a ball. I almost felt unconscious.
The doctor was telling us that all this time they were struggling for the life of our boy. They did not know what was going on with him, he was totally dependent on oxygen and his condition was extremely difficult, that’s why we should have been prepared to the worst. How many times we had to hear this same odd phrase… Then we were told to leave, since they had to understand what was happening with our child…
They told that they need time. However time did not want to go further.
Me and my husband were sitting in the hall of maternity hospital and were praying.. It had been never so difficult for us.

By the evening the superintendent of the resuscitation room came to us and told that heart defect is suspected in our child and he needs surgery, which can only be undertaken in Samara.
(We live in Tolyatti, about 80 km from Samara). They contacted the Samara Cardiology Center. We had to wait again.
Cardiologists came from Samara only at night and told that the child’s condition is extremely difficult and if he can survive until tomorrow, then he would be taken by air medical service. Never had the night been so long.
Yaroslav was taken only after one day with the words: “We do not promise that the child will survive the trip”. However Yarik did arrive, he is our strong boy, and he is struggling for life as hard as he can.
After 2 days I was discharged from the hospital and we went to Samara. The superintendent explained us how the heart of healthy child should look like and what heart our baby has.
Yaroslav had very serious and difficult congenital heart disease - great vessel detachment from the right ventricle. D-aorta. Atresia of pulmonary artery. Inflow defect of interventricular septum. Defect of interatrial septum. Hypoplasia of the aortic trunk. In other words half of his heart has problems.
6 days after birth, Yaroslav had an open-heart surgery and one more after 2 weeks. However these surgeries are just auxiliary and should enable only short period to live.
Only after one month we returned to home and now we are one and a half month old.
Now I’m happy mother! Yarik is growing with every day; however his heart is hardly managing the growth. It’s very dreadful to listen to his breath every night. This is the most awful for any mother to see her child, know that it’s difficult to him, but not to be able to help him.
In Samara Cardiology Center we would be only helped to separate the blood circulation – this is few more surgeries, but Yaroslav needs radical correction of the heart - this is very difficult and major surgery. Only Berlin cardiology center agreed to carry out the surgery with Yaroslav’s complicated condition. The cost of surgery, which is 40 000 euro, is not affordable to our young family. The husband’s salary is about 400 dollars per month, and I’m on a maternity leave (before maternity leave I was a manager with a salary of about 300 dollars per month). We do not even possess any property to sell; we do not own any housing. This is why we turn to you. Please help us to save the life of our boy. He is a child and can already smile. It’s very difficult to think that I cannot help him only because we do not have money. I’m asking you, help us to save our child!

You – our hope and we believe!
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