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2014 and spent 18 months in the star program in prison. I am very sensitive to others energies and treatment centers in the u.s. are not beneficial due to the lack of understanding an empaths needs to have more than average alone time to recharge and release energies from the environment. If I am in a room with 15 other people with 15 different moods I take on 15 moods that I then feel overwhelmed and seek escape. Unfortunately due to the lack of acknowledgement of this on a professional level I am struggling with substance abuse going on 12 years now. I have a purpose here. My purpose is to heal and guide and I can not do this while using meth and smoking pot regularly. I need help, I want help and I want to fulfil my duty to help heal others who are like me. I want this! My spirit craves this and it would be a priceless gift for my 3 girls who can not be in my life because I can't seem to grab ahold of this issue. Help me and help my girls get their mom, the mom they deserve. Help me to have a quality life with meaning.

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