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This is an opportunity for family and friends to unite to help out this wonderful lady. Please show your support.

Barb's story begins when she was living in North Battleford, SK, Canada. We had been assigned to work on a job up North and this is how I met Barb and like so many others, came to adore this little ray of sunshine.

The first time I was aware something was up was when she began to talk of numbness in her right elbow/arm. She mentioned it in a couple of conversations we had but she seemed to think it was caused by a fall where she had banged her elbow sometime prior. She also said she had planned on getting it looked at soon because it was getting a little bothersome.

For Christmas 2010, Barb and her husband, Marc had planned a trip to NY to spend the holiday with Mickealla & Chris, Barb's children. It was to be a short visit and they planned to return to North Battleford, SK on December 27, 2010. We were getting ready for our move back to the US and had plans to have dinner with Marc and Barb when they returned. My husband received a call on the 27th from Marc explaining what had happened.

Marc explained that in the early morning on December 23, 2010, Barb had suffered a seizure. They took her into the ER where she had 5 more seizures. They were told that the seizures appeared to be caused by a lesion in her brain. She was admitted and a bunch of tests were run. Her entire Christmas was spent in the Hoboken, NJ hospital. She had a CT Scan, MRI, MRA and MRI with dye performed on her brain, Ultra Sound, CT Scan with dye of the torso, chest x-rays, and many blood tests that she joked her arms now looked like a drug addict. They put her on anti-seizure medication and had her moved to NYU hospital where she went under the care of Dr. John Golfinos. To the left you will see a youtube video of him and another doctor explaining brain surgery.

I think she was in the best place possible for the worst thing possible to happen to this wonderful, funny, sweet, smart person.

Barb wrote the following note on her Facebook page on January 8, 2011:

Hoping I haven't missed my chance at getting in for a biopsy quickly! Doctor's office didn't call back, now I must wait until Monday to hopefully get an appointment for the biopsy. What a mess of complications...enjoy every day! Still finding things to be thankful for! So glad I was in the US when this happened, so thankful for my daughter's support and allowing us to stay with her for so long! So thankful for my great son and his connections to MD's in KC where I will be transferring my care. Thankful for my husband's support and Kiewit's great support and understanding during this bump in the road!

As Barb put it on January 17, 2011, "the degeneration of my abilities in such a short time is alarming..". She began to lose the use of her left leg and needed help walking and dressing all the while having to endure balance issues. A biopsy performed on January 18th showed a grade 4 GBM. A craniotomy was ordered to remove both tumors for Thursday, January 27, 2011.

As we wait for the results of this craniotomy, we continue to pray for her health and healing. She will have a tough road ahead which will include the standard treatment of chemotherapy and radiation.

This fundraiser was created to help Barb's family provide the best possible care in order to get her well again. Please remember no amount is too big or small. Thank you to everyone for your donations, support and most importantly, your prayers. I do believe in miracles and I continue to pray for one each day.

Barb, Marc, family members and friends appreciate all the outpouring of love during this time.

Thank you so much and God Bless!
Christine St. George
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