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Rick has been battling an aggressive form of prostate cancer for almost ten years. Now he needs help to meet living and treatment expenses.

For nearly 40 years, Rick has lived in the Boston metro area, where he maintained a private law practice until the cumulative side effects of treatment made it very difficult to continue. He is especially proud of his advocacy for affordable housing on behalf of low-income tenants, and other consumer rights.

Rick has also been a tireless volunteer and contributor to the Boston independent acoustic music community. Where he has enjoyed his life-long passion for photography. Many of us also remember his love of gardening; plus volleyball, softball, the beach, and all sorts of group activities — participating in and photographing all of them.

In 2006, Rick was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of prostate cancer, which he also chose to meet head-on with an equally aggressive program of experimental treatments, hoping to stop it in its tracks. That included two types of novel, experimental chemotherapy, as well as conventional surgery, and follow-up "salvage" radiation therapy. Along with total hormone blockades of several types and duration. In addition to a number of complementary and alternative therapies, including acupuncture, Reiki, and nutritional supplements. Rick has tried to leave no stone unturned in his battle for remission, during which he became very well-informed about the nuances of this disease. Rick considers himself fortunate to have been living in the Boston area, where he's been able to become a patient at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, working with some of the world's best research oncologists. All these combined therapies have slowed down the spread of Rick's cancer for significant periods of time, but it has nevertheless relentlessly progressed to full Stage 4 metastatic disease.
While this has been an exhaustive process that has depleted his material resources, Rick's spirit is still strong, and he wants to continue to fight aggressively with all the tools that are still becoming available. He's trying to maintain a decent quality of life as long as possible, while continuing to expand knowledge about new, potentially effective therapies that can increase survival, while delaying or diminishing the adverse skeletal events that often impair the quality of survival time in advanced PC patients.

It's towards this goal that you can help with Rick's "GiveForward" campaign to help sustain his living and medical expenses as he continues this battle. Especially enabling him to continue with some of the uninsured complementary therapies that have been most helpful. And allowing Rick to share what he has been learning, thru his experience in several research protocols, along with other important information about avoiding or reducing the incidence of this devastating disease among other men, through diet and lifestyle changes; or to mitigate some of its worst effects; and to assist newly diagnosed men in making the best possible treatment choices.

Thank you very much for whatever assistance you may be able contribute on Rick's behalf. If you can't contribute financially, that's OK too. Please join in sending healing, positive energy, along with the kindness of your prayers, to support Rick in his battle of a lifetime. Every little bit helps, and is greatly appreciated.
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