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Lyme Disease is not always easy to treat. Jason missed half of his growing up due to misdiagnosed health problems. Help renew his hope!

Jason is in need of ongoing medical treatment for Lyme Disease and related health issues. This year alone thousands of dollars out of the family's pocket had to be spent to diagnose and treat several of Jason's ongoing health complications. The Ontario Health Care Program- OHIP is not quick to provide treatment options so the family has had to take matters into their own hands and find alternative health care for Jason in the mean time. A Naturapath with experience in treating Lyme Disease has been found locally within the last few months- and the family is hopeful Jason will receive the medical care he needs.

Lyme Disease, beyond the acute stage is not covered under our Canadian Health Care system- it is thought to be cured by a mere 3-4 weeks of antibiotics. For some this works and for others it does not. Whether it is because they cannot get access to the antibiotics in a timely fashion, or because of other underlying health conditions that must be addressed before the Lyme infection, many are not receiving the treatments they need to return to health.

For years Jason battled serious health problems with only a diagnosis of ADD, and Fatty Liver.

In 2006, at age 20, he was diagnosed by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor after years of being pushed aside by countless medical doctors as just a kid who could lose a little weight.

For many years now the family has been carrying the private medical costs and now needs financial assistance to continue his treatment. Jason is continuing to improve with his health. His attitude is one of determination and hope although many days are hard.

Jason's protocol also includes a very strict diet of GF/CF, no refined food, vegetarian and more. With this diet he is able to function a little better. His weight went from over 300 lbs in 2007 to 160 by the end of 2010. Although the weight loss was needed it was a long and difficult road that happened as a result of his liver and organs just not being able to tolerate much food for a very long time. He was not on a 'diet' but rather he was forced to eat what he could for several years. Over that three year period he was often rushed to the ER as his digestive tract would just shut down. In time his GI tract grew stronger with the strict diet ever evolving to suit what he could tolerate. At times only able to eat a few foods.

HIs symptoms now are now moderate compared to the last few years. Hope has returned to him enough to help quicken the healing process along. His is in need of treatment for the Autistic like symptoms and is finding as he treats his overall health, these symptoms are lightening along with some of the others.
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