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This past week my Uncle Jack found out he has stage 4 terminal cancer. He had to have his bowel removed but has no insurance.

Recently my Uncle Jack, my fathers younger brother who is now 61 , was not feeling well. About a year and a half ago he had a heart attack and they removed his heart to repair what is known as "the widow valve". He got thru that operation and we thought on his way to health. He is a former gravel pit worker/ construction worker who has no insurance or retirement investments of any source. We all did every thing we could in our family to help with the bills and get him care. Last week he went into a hospital that would allow him uninsured to be examined and was told he needed immediate surgery as they found a baseball sized mass in his intestinal tract that completely blocked his bowel. They did a resection and removed his entire bowel but there wasn't enough to create a new route so he was setup on a bag system. They ran more tests and it became apparent the cancer had spread into his entire body including his lung, spine, and skin. They ended up sending him home with pain medication as they waited for final results. Two days ago he had to be brought back into the hospital as the medications began to make him hallucinate and become combative. Yesterday while in the hospital the final word came on the tests and they found him to be stage 4 terminal as the cancer had taken over his liver..My uncle who I love dearly will not survive.. My fathers little brother and last surviving relative from his family is going to die and we can do nothing to stop this damned disease from taking him. I as a 36 year old eldest son of my father am at a loss. To talk with my dad as he breaks down in pain and sadness as he has to watch his baby brother die is as painful a time as I have ever encountered as I love them both and to see them both in their pain is heart breaking. Our families struggle just to make it day to day check to check with insurance never really being an option we had. We have gathered all we can, sold all we have, and now I am out begging for help from anyone who may be able to offer anything. We do not have enough to go further with any treatments to try and lessen his pain or give any quality of life to him at his end. There are options they tell us , but with no insurance money is the only other alternative. I have never gone outside for any of our families problems and this is hard but we need help. Everyone has always helped others we knew however any of us could and now we can not help on our own as we need it the most right now. I know we can not save him and we will ultimately loose him, but I can't sit by without trying to find some way to help his pain and suffering no matter what I must do I have to try.I have looked online everywhere and I am posting my pain and his story desperate to try and find a way to help the man I grew up loving and respecting. He has 2 daughters and a wife who will no longer have their father which only brings me back to looking at my own father thankful for every minute I have with him.. To anyone who may be able to help us raise the funds to stop his pain and suffering by getting him basic medical treatment , I on hands and knees beg for your help. I would give my world to help him by doing whatever need be to get it done.. Please, please if you can help my Uncle leave this world not in pain but in some form of comfort.......Thank you for taking the time to read this......Joe Hercik Jr

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