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Jeff has been given a new chance for life! He is a heart pump recipient awaiting a new heart. Medications are costly. We want to help!

Many of you know that Jeff's heart problems began at the age of 35. Most people don't get a second chance for life when a heart attack strikes. Jeff has beaten those odds several times over, as he has survived not one heart attack, but four! After the fourth heart attack, Jeff underwent 6-Bypass surgery, which allowed him to live a fairly normal life until recently.

This past year has been more difficult for Jeff, age 59, as he struggled with congestive heart failure. With the help of his doctors, Jeff has continued to live, despite increased frequency between ER visits and hospitalizations.

In June, Jeff's options were running out. His doctors here in Boise said there was nothing more that could be done to save Jeff. About that time, there was a story on the news about a 22 year old young woman named Ally Smith, who was dying of heart failure (cardiomyopathy). Ally was appearing on all the big TV news programs, because she had been given a heart pump, which saved her life. So, we asked "Why can't Jeff get a heart pump too?"

Jeff's doctor immediately started the necessary dialogue with the medical team in Salt Lake City, Utah, where heart pumps and heart transplants are done. The doctors worked quickly, as Jeff was literally at the final stage of heart failure. They flew Jeff to Salt Lake City, where the coronary transplant team completed their evaluation of Jeff's situation in record time!

There were several times during the medical evaluation period when the crash cart team came running into Jeff's room in response to his heart monitor. Those were some white-knuckled days leading up to Jeff receiving his heart pump! A miracle of technology!!! Jeff is the 6th person to receive this device, which is still considered experimental.

Jeff is alive and doing well today thanks to the breaking news story about a young woman, whom I believe has since married the love of her life, and has a bright future ahead. Jeff, too, continues to grow stronger and healthier through physical and respiratory therapy, and anti-rejection medications.

The surgery totaled around $500,000. Remarkably, Medicare has paid for most of Jeff's expenses, with the exception of anti-rejection medications estimated at $7,500. I know it seems odd that Medicare would not cover the very medications needed to prevent rejection of the device keeping him alive, but it’s true.

This brings us to the basis of this fundraiser. Jeff cannot pay for the anti-rejection medications he needs. They are estimated to cost $7,500. It’s not like Jeff to ask for help. But rather than see my brother lose this last chance for life, and a possible future heart transplant, I knew a fundraiser could raise the $7,500 for his medications.

If you know Jeff, then you have experienced his whacky sense of humor and quick wit. I love my brother so much, and would give him the $7,500 if I had it. Unfortunately, I, like so many others, am unable to do so. But wait! Now here comes the best part. What if we reached out to Jeff’s loved ones, dear friends, and acquaintances, and each of them were to donate $100, $75, $50, or $25, and then they forwarded our fundraiser to other family, friends, and acquaintances! Why, before you know it, our goal of $7,500 would be met! Jeff could get the medications he needs, and continue working on building his strength and endurance for the next big hurdle; a heart transplant!

What price can any of us put on the life of a loved one? I know not. I pray that you will remember Jeff, and his brave battle for life. If you are able, please donate to Jeff’s fundraiser, and equally important, please pass Jeff’s fundraiser along to other family members, friends, and acquaintances. Together, we can do this for Jeff!

To make a tax deductible donation, click on the orange 'GIVE' button. You can modify the amount on the page that follows. The Tax ID #80-0644899 should be noted with your tax deduction when filing your taxes.

Check back often to see updates on Jeff’s progress, and to see if Jeff will get a new heart! Please remember Jeff and his family in your thoughts and prayers, and keep the positive energy flowing! If you have any questions, you can reach me at Thank you and God bless.
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