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Dave's some help to help take care of his mother and save her house.

In a Nutshell- Dave has been taking care of his mother, Adele, etc. for three months while she has been in and out of the hospital with life threatening infections, but due to the consequences of insurance company rules, suddenly the money is running out.. They need some help for Dave to afford to continue to aid with his mother's recovery and to pay the bills at the house so they don't lose the house while she is recovering.

The Bigger Story- This money would be used for the care and well-being of Adele Lichtenstein, and her son, David Lichtenstein, who is her caretaker and advocate and himself semi- disabled. (Some of us know Dave by his ‘creative’ name of Dave Street.)

As many of us know, Dave has been asking for prayers and thoughts, but the time has come for him to ask for more than that for himself and his mother. He hates the idea of having to ask his friends for financial help, but the situation is dire.

This money would be used so that he can continue to be by her side as she recovers and that the bills in her house continue to get paid so that they both have somewhere to live when she is ready to return.

In the past three months, Adele has battled back and forth through four serious internal infections, a drainage procedure, constant intravenous lines, pict lines, a catheter that drove her crazy and a drainage incision wound that just recently healed and a bed sore.

Through it all, Dave had been by her side, holding her hand, feeding her, now making sure she feeds herself and eats and basically being her coach cheering her on to health.

Mom originally went into the hospital with an infection. The plan was for her to recover, go to rehab for therapy, get back to walking and then come home.
However, the hospital apparently released her too soon and at rehab she collapsed and was sent back to the hospital where she was then diagnosed with three more infections, during which time David put his mother on prayer chains and prayer group- and doctors said she made a miracle recovery, at least in terms of fighting off the infection.

Dave has been by her side every day. But getting back and forth to see her became an expensive issue. But Dave had his own health issues and as a result really couldn't drive. Then- just when he was about to try driving, his car broke down. He's been taking cabs every day to be by his mother's side but now the money is running out.

She is now in a rehab facility-- really part rehab and part nursing home. She is frail and has not been able to do any physical therapy or strength building, and cannot stand for long, or walk.

It seems there are only two options; for Dave to take her home without the ability to walk, which he cannot do. The other is transition her into kind of a short term care government program, which could last six months(and hopefully result in her walking again and coming home)- but in doing that they get her social security check. In the meantime, the house could go into foreclosure, leaving both Adele and David homeless.

This money would help to pay for Dave's cabs to see his mother; his own savings are gone, and he's frantic to figure out how he can pay for both his mother and himself to eat and live indoors! He doesn't where is going to get the money to continue to be with mom and keep a roof over her head. .
Even if Dave were to cut back his visits to four or five a week, he still needs transportation to do it. If he can't, Mom will abruptly be alone, save rehab staff, after having her son as a loving companion for three months. This will NOT help her recover.

In the meantime, bills in the house are piling up.

This money is to provide some immediate, short time financial relief for Dave while he makes a transition and gets his life- and mom’s under the control. The goal is still for mom to walk and return home, but right now they are taking it day by day.

They need immediate some help to survive. Whatever you can give will help. Thank you all!
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