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Friends and Family of Mike Rura unite to aid Mike in temporarily relocating for a new liver and rapid recovery.

Just returned from our meetings with the transplant team in Miami. We will have their decision on a course of action on March 13th. The only thing I know for sure is that getting back home in 5 months is not likely.

They may treat my Hep C prior to transplant, which is 24 weeks of hellish chemo. Then they may put me on the list right away with a lower MELD score than in NY. Anyway, I can't even get a place to live for less than 7 months and the rent is better if I take a year lease.

Another shocker was hearing that I can't use mass transportation for at least 3 months after surgery! The anti-rejection drugs make me more susceptible to infection. So, on top of the expenses of co-pays for medication, now there will be cab expenses to get to the doctors. Location of where I rent is now more important.

We have failed to reach the present goal and it is doubtful we will succeed by the current end date. Now it looks like the goal will have to be raised and the end date extended.

This is starting to suck in a big way! Please donate what you can and spread the word of my plight! Oh, and please order a T-shirt at

Thanks in advance,

About Mike:
One thing I can say about Mic is that he’s willing to jump into anything feet first. With a serious passion for everything he does, Mic is as excited to clean out an unused warehouse so that an art and music festival can be created, as he is to bringing a hot-dog cart to the desert to give away free hot dogs and bring some of NYC goodness to the middle-of-nowhere. He is often as excited to be the instigator of healthy philosophical debate as he is the creator of a DJ set afterwards to turn the argument into a party. He is generous with his home, his time and his creative spirit. Let’s help Mic meet his goal so that he can continue to add to the creative richness of everyone’s lives.


Mike is an unusually creative individual. We have been married 19 years and in that time I've seen him teach himself nearly anything he wanted/needed to learn and to use what he's learned in his life and business ventures.

In May of 2010 Mike underwent surgery at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC to remove a gangrenous gall bladder and as he returned to normal health was diagnosed in April 2011, with hepatocellular cancer (cancer of the liver).

In May of 2011 Mike underwent the TACE procedure to cauterize and isolate the tumor. The procedure was successful and currently, there is no sign of the cancer. The cancer will return, it is just a matter of time. There is no surgery that can cure the cancer from his liver indefinitely. The only way to cure the cancer is to replace his liver. Mike was approved at Mt Sinai for a liver transplant and placed on the NY regional list to wait for a liver, in July 2011. Mike has returned for MRI scans every 3 months and, while there are signs of liver failure, he has stayed in fair health. For those more technically familiar with medical terms, Mike has low platelets, ascities, edema and esophogeal varacies as a result of his liver condition.

If Mike stays in the NY area to wait for a healthy liver, it will take a minimum of 6 months at the earliest and most likely it will take over a year. During that time we can expect to see a steady decline in his health making the transplant more difficult and healing to take longer. In Miami he already has a high enough MELD score to get a liver now if one was available that matched him. We are working on getting him onto the transplant list in Miami where one of the best surgeons in the country practices at Jackson Memorial hospital. He will need to live in Miami for several months, 1 or more before the liver becomes available, and once he has the surgery he needs to stay there approximately 3 months for follow up. While we now have excellent health insurance we don't have the funds needed to pay for his living expenses in Miami. This will include an apartment, transportation to the hospital, copays and more.

Mike believes that his calling is to bring laughter & joy to all the people in his life and we would like to help him continue to do just that!

April Rura
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