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Help Teddy, my best friend and therapy dog, get funds for chemotherapy to fight cancer.

I rescued Teddy in 2000 while volunteering for a local animal hospital to walk the caged dogs where Teddy from puppy hood was being kept in a Pet Shop basement and then so called "rescued" by an Organization in NYC that was at a Vetrenarian that used him as a blood donor and on his records gave 3 blood transfusions in such a short time span he was literally a skeleton and not able to give this much blood. I was horrified and took him home and immediately threw out all the un necessary drugs and anti anxiety medications they gave this poor dog. He had sarcoptic mange, a skinny body with a big head, no fur and cage crippled. also untrained. As you can see from his photo’s he is probably the most handsome and inside and out best German Shepherd and friend ever. As it turns out the Pet Shop papers indicated he was a blood line from a Champion in West Germany, although I have never had a pure breed dog doing rescue work I was impressed by his Royal Blood line! Three potential adoptees had taken Teddy home for weekends and returned him as he was so energetic now out of a cage that he was nutty, even had to take the knobs off the oven and all the pre-cautions of a dog that had not ever even seen a bed before or walked outside to defacate. Teddy and I have been together for 11 years. I have had several other rescues in the apartment with him and he has always welcomed each one and been very protective. He has given me support through some of life’s most challenging crisis times and with all the abuse he suffered from humans in his life before me has no anger or ill will towards anyone. Two years ago we rescued a gorgeous Shepherd Mix and she had a Glioma Brain tumor and horrible seizures, one month later Teddy was diagnosed with a Meningioma brain tumor and both dogs had to get radiation. Teddy’s tumor was much less aggressive and he only had a few seizures and was doing well until the other dog passed away. After that he stopped eating/ was drinking water excessively and other symptoms. No one could figure it out the blood work was normal and some Vet’s just attributed his symptoms to the stress or anxiety from the death of the other dog. But after several months it seemed to me that something was very very wrong. After many exams, cytology, blood works and doctor visits Teddy was found to have anal sac carcinoma. I was totally unfamiliar with this and then began to read and learn everything out there. The fear that it may have spread or metasized was great, I cried day and night and then challenged with sonograms, X-rays, surgery, pre op bloods and the recommendation of chemotherapy as a preventative measure. Still paying off loans for the 2 brain tumors and knowing at minimal this tumor had to come out fast I had surgery done. After that the recommendation for this agressive cancer was chemotherapy and quickly. Teddy's funds ran out in February 2012 after 4 out of 5 rounds of chemotherapy. We had to stop treatment only to discover the cancer is now spread into a lymph node in his abdomen which requires additional chemotherapy at the Center for Veterinary Oncology in Norwalk CT as soon as possible, so I started this fund for him

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