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The family and friends of Cindie Ratts are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against her Lupus and other auto-immune diseases.

My mommie has a world of support from her family and her friends but what she needs the most right now, is help with her medical expenses.

Help Support C.R.L.T NOW! (Cindie Ratts Lupus Treatments NOW!)

My mommie is a very dear daughter, a wonderful wife, an awesome mommie and a great friend to many. She was recently diagnosed with SLE Lupus. She is 41 years old. A loving wife to my daddy Justin, and a devoted mother to my brother and I, first and foremost.

What is Lupus? Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue - causing swelling, pain, and tissue damage. There is no cure for it. Only meds at this time can be provided, which prolongs her life span and hopefully will put her Lupus in to remission.

Here is my mommie's story: Three months ago she was busy with her DA studies and making the Deans List with her straight A‘s, taking care of her children, the house and everything else in between. Cindie started talking on and off about her chronic fatigue, the red raised patch under her left eye, and not feeling very well, like she normally does. Today, she has had to put her DA degree on hold, she is struggling to find the right med’s that she can take to make her feel better and wondering everyday if she is going to feel good enough to get up the next day, just to take my brother to school!

In the middle of what must be very stressful and painful to her, she tries to stay positive and educate herself on Lupus as much as possible. She frequently tells herself that brighter days are ahead and that she has a beautiful family to care for! She is just one of a kind. So loving, giving, and free spirited. She is brave and courageous, as she battles this ugly disease head on so she can continue to be the wonderful wife, mother, friend and family that she has always been! She doesn‘t like to complain at all! She is just an independent, do-all type of person to even want to complain. However, the extreme pain can get in the way! Her spirit is ABSOLUTELY unmatched and she is determined to kick this to the curb and regain a clean bill of health.

At a time when she should be concerned about getting better, she worries because she is unable to work. She worries about the financial burden the cost of this illness will and has placed on her family. There are no words to express what a good wife and mom Cindie Ratts is. She has devoted her life to her family and is a woman whose thoughts constantly turn to others, even as she battles with her disease.

Like many of us that are underinsured or have high deductible insurances, it just isn’t enough to cover the expenses of her illness. Her lab tests and office visits, which led up to her diagnosis were enough to make anyone cringe because of the coinsurance that has to be paid out of pocket. These labs alone were $817.00, leaving use with a $387.00 balance!

Going forward, her ongoing treatments, prescriptions (that will or won‘t work), co pays, physician balances, biopsies, extra travel expenses and anything else that she must receive in order to try to slow her disease down just enough to put her in remission, must now be paid out of pocket.

It is a testament to her character that we, her family and her friends, have rallied around her in order to attempt to get as much support for her in what is the fight to help Cindie get back on her feet!!!

We are asking, humbly, for donations to aid her in diverting the cost of her treatment and since her insurance doesn’t cover everything, her medical bills are quickly piling up! It is the least we can do, to try to give her our support, financially and morally, in her time of need. It is what all deserves from us-- to never have to face a disease like this without hope of treatment.

Please donate today! Together we can make this battle a little less tough. She needs both our prayers and our monetary support!

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and prayers for Cindie and her family as she battles thru this trial. She will beat this, we will love her through it! She just wants to feel good again and get back on her feet!! Cindie Can Do It! God Bless.

-With Love & Gratitude, Her Family

If you wish to contact Cindie and her family please email them at: HELPCINDIEFIGHT@YAHOO.COM


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