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The friends and family of kathleen baumann are trying to help her with the battle of breast cancer.We are trying to raise money to help her

Hi family,friends, and everybody else. I had my wife get a mamogram. I thought i could feel something on her left breast. She went to the appointment then the doctors called with the results the told her she was positive for breast csancer on her right breast. Then everything fell apart on may 29 2012. On thay day my wife fell apart. She kept asking why her. Its one of the first times i did not have a answer for her.She just cried the rest of the day,it really sucked.  She then had to make a decision to keep her breast or get them taked off. She decided to keep her breast and go through radiation.She had to take radiation 33 times. Her skin got red like a sun burn and a slight blister from it. Then when radiation was done they had her do a thiroid test. On Oct.02 2012 they called her back and told her she has graves disease now and is sappose to take more radiation in a pill form and can not be around nobody for up to 5 days.Shes getting really scared again. Its really wierd how your life is going really good 1 day then in 1 phone call it all goes down hill.                                       this is for people that knows us ive been hearing nobody wants to help because they think im using all of our money to go fishing. i have a really great friend that lets us use his cabin for free to get away from the everyday bullshit the only money we use is gas and a little food. THANK YOU VERY MUCH 


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