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Heather's a single mom w/Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She just got a stem cell transplant & needs financial help with her mounting medical bills!

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Our sweet girl Heather, a 40 yr old single mom of 2 young boys, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (ACL) on Jan 4, 2011. This is a very aggressive cancer that must be dealt with immediately so she was admitted into the hospital the following day. On top of this, she also has Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system becomes hyperactive & attacks normal, healthy tissue.

Heather's insurance will only cover a portion of her hospital bills and will only pay $350k towards her stem cell transplant. The transplant will cost MUCH more than that amount. If she doesn't get approved for Medicaid, she may not be able to get this live saving transplant. She also won't be getting a full paycheck from her job. We need to step up & do all we can to help Heather & her family out during this time. No donation is too big or small. Every dollar counts!

Heather's wonderful, 70 year old father is the only one that can take care of her boys during this time. Some of us are helping out by taking them homemade meals, cleaning the house, taking the boys out to eat & planning fun activities. He is one special man!

Heather is an amazing woman, wonderful mother & very much loved by all her friends! Please keep Heather & her family in your thoughts & prayers everyday!! Pass this fundraiser on to your family & friends too!!

******************************* UPDATES! *******************************

Feb 3, 2011: Heather found out that although the chemotherapy treatments helped significantly, it didn't get rid of all the cancer cells. Heather will be going home to spend time with her boys & father on Feb 4th. She will be re-admitted into the hospital on Feb 14th to start her 2nd round of daily chemotherapy treatments for 30 days. The doctors are now saying she'll also have to have a bone marrow transplant after this next round of chemotherapy.
Feb 8, 2011: Jennifer Wilson Delong, owner of The Parlour Hair & Esthetics is donating 15% of all gift certificate sales to Heather's Donation Fund. What a great gift idea for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, etc. Get your hair done, a spray tan, manicure, pedicure, acrylic & Brisa gel nails, massages, etc! Call or text Jennifer at (317) 796-8078!
Feb 9, 2011: Per Heather Today: "I went to see a doctor by the name of Dr. Farag, Director of Bone Marrow Transplants & of course his opinion was completely different. BUT, I like him more & he gave me a lot more information & came across much more knowledgeable & confident on his abilities and knowledge. He didn't come across as a know it all or that he was better than anyone. He was very humble & nice. I had to give blood and take another mini biopsy for him. I will be going back to the hospital (IU Medical Center) which is downtown on Mon or Tue to start a 2nd more aggressive Chemo round. He does agree that I need a transplant but he feels using an outside donor is more beneficial for me. Using my cells the success rate is 20-25% & using an outside donor doubles my success rate. The success rate for finding a donor is 70% which is good. I'm not getting stuck on statistics because ultimately GOD is in control & will be the decider on what lies ahead for me.Today is a bittersweet day for me, it is all very overwhelming sometimes. But bottom line is that I am going with the new Doctor & Hospital. I want you all to know that I feel good about this, it's just a lot to take in. I please ask that you pray for my new Doctor. As always, To the Moon & Back!! Love, Heather"
Feb 10, 2011: Per Heather Today: "I have great news to share with everyone. I truly believe that this is a gift from GOD due to all that are/have been praying for me and my boys!!!! My biopsy showed only 3% blast and no Leukemic Cells. This means that I am in REMISSION!!!... Praise GOD!!! I still have a long hard road ahead of me but I am so pleased with this news. I will still be going into the hospital Tuesday for 30 days for Chemo Treatment and I still need a bone marrow transplant. All my information will be in the bone marrow registry by next Friday, so the search is on! My new prayer request is for everyone to give thanks to God and to ask that he help us find a match for me. (Bone Marrow that is... not boyfriend) hehehe!!! Again, I hope you all know how much you mean to me and I am forever grateful for the love and support. To the Moon & Back! Love, Heather xoxo"
March 6, 2011: Per Heather Today: I get to go home this Wednesday the 9th. of March. I will have 13 days out to spend with my boys before I will be readmitted on the 22nd. of March for my Transplant. The transplant takes approx. 4-6 weeks with no complications. I have planned 2 long weekend trips with my boys before I go in for the Transplant. The first weekend will be spent in a cabin in the Smokey's for 2 nights and 3 days enjoying
nature. The second weekend will be spent in Chicago doing some site seeing. I am super excited that I get the time to spend some time with my precious boys, father, and some good friends before lock down.

I will be readmitted on the 22nd. of March to the IU Med Center, Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. It is located on the 5th. floor. Unless I receive a miracle we are planning on using the blood from a donated umbilical cord. I wish we would have been blessed with both but we weren't so this must be God's wish for me. The first week of the transplant consists of 7 days of extensive Chemo and Full Body Radiation. Once that is done, they will then transfuse me with the blood of the cord. It is then basically a waiting game of dealing with the side effects of the Chemo and Radiation and waiting and watching to see if my my body excepts the new stem cells. Prayer Requests pretty please.

First, Please Pray that my body excepts the new cells with no to minimum side effects. Secondly, Please pray for my senior management team at my work that they change the Transplant Insurance Policy. I was hit this week with a devastating blow regarding my health insurance. I am still trying to figure out my game plan to fix this new issue but basically found out that my insurance policy caps out at $350k and the cost of the transplant is much much greater. Please pray that the company I work for will revise the Transplant policy that is in place to have no cap. If they don't and I am not accepted to Medicaid, I may not be able to have the transplant. Again, I am still learning what all this means but as of know it is a major bump in the road. I will be talking to my corporate office on Monday and starting the process of filing Medicaid. I will strongly that this is just a bump and that my company will make this right.

Again, thank you all for the love, support, and kindness you have shown to me and my beautiful boys! I will update later this week when I learn more detail and direction. I pray for peace and love to you all and your loved ones. To the Moon and Back, Heather xoxoxo

April 15, 2011: Heather is at the I.U. Simon Cancer Center and has undergone her stem cell transplant. She is currently undergoing physical therapy and is pretty sore and tired. Hopefully she'll be able to come home May 5th.
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