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Fundraiser to provide much needed vet care for Vinny and Pearl, two special cats belonging to two special people.

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A few years ago, Diane and Fred Richards (pictured left) found a stray pregnant cat living under their porch.  After taking the expectant cat in and caring for her, a litter of little black kittens were born.  Once they were weaned from their mother, Diane and Fred found good homes for most of the kittens, except for the mother and the two smallest – a boy and a girl soon named Vinny and Pearl.

Diane and Fred took Vinny and Pearl, along with their mother to the local animal shelter that was having a special deal to get pets spayed and neutered for a very low fee.  So began the responsible pet owners’ relationship with the mother, Vinny, and Pearl.

One day a very tragic accident happened.  Vinny and Pearl’s mother had climbed up into the undercarriage of a neighbor’s pickup truck.  As the neighbor drove unaware of the situation, the unimaginable happened.  Once the neighbor realized that the mother cat fell and was run over with the truck’s tire, he immediately stopped, scooped up the mortally wounded cat and returned to my parents’ home.  Nothing could be done, and sadly the mother cat died.  Not only did my parents grieve the loss, but the neighbor was beside himself in grief.

Years later, life has gone on for Vinny and Pearl.  They’re a rambunctious pair of siblings, and the brother has no problem showing his dominance over his sister.  Diane has a bond with Pearl because of how Vinny tends to be bossy.  Fred calls Pearl, “Girly.”  Both Vinny and Pearl hold a special place in my parents’ hearts.  Amazingly enough, prior to taking in the kittens, Diane and Fred had severe cat allergies.  Somehow, for some unknown reason, my parents have had no allergy reactions.  The four – Diane, Fred, Vinny, and Pearl are special gifts to one another.

Sadly, though, Vinny and Pearl have developed significant health issues.  My Mom has tried every conceivable home remedy to care for their fur babies.  She’s called the vet, and after learning she would not be able to afford a visit, she received advice on how to provide additional care using home remedies.  At this point, the home remedies are no longer working.  For the health, quality of life, and survival of Vinny and Pearl, the best next step is to schedule an initial vet appt.  This alone will cost approximately $80 combined.  Additional medical treatment needed and the costs involved are unknown until the initial examination takes place.

Diane and Fred need financial assistance in order to take care of Vinny and Pearl.  My Parents have limited finances, as they are elderly and disabled.  As their daughter, I’ve been helping them in other ways for several years.  While I’m on a fixed income, too, I am unable to give more than the amount I’ve budgeted to give them on a consistent basis.  Under normal circumstances, I would be more than able and willing to assist my parents so that they could care for Vinny and Pearl.  Reality prevents my desire to personally help them.

So, I’m asking my friends, extended family, acquaintances, and anyone reading this to consider donating any amount of financial assistance (even a few dollars would mean a lot, especially if combined with other small donations).

To date, approximately 60 people have seen this fundraiser.  If even half of the 60 gave $5, then we would have raised $150 by now – enough to take Vinny and Pearl in for the initial vet visit and pay for basic care.

I am very thankful to those who have donated already.  Also, I am thankful to those who have offered well wishes while not having the ability to donate at this time.

Finances are tight for many people nowadays.  So, please do not feel obligated or pressured into donating money.  If you’re able to donate funds, that’s great.  If you’re able to offer well wishes or helpful information leading to pro bono or discounted vet care, that’s great too!

Once again, thank you for your care and concern.


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