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Let\'s join our efforts to help Kim (Edwards) Price and her family through her treatment and get her on the road to remission!

We will all work together BE\"cause\" of Kimberly Price! Kim’s Story at a glance...(see photos by clicking on the tab above) Kimberly (Kim) (Kimmie) Price is a 35 year old mother of four – Alexa (7), Aydan (5), Andrew (3) and Asher (1). She is a wonderful daughter, wife, sister, neighbor and great friend.  Kim has always been a person who dives into things wholeheartedly and who researches just about everything. If she finds out there’s something wrong with you or troubling you, she will work very hard to learn everything there is to know about your situation so she can help you. In the fall of 2008, Kim realized that there was something wrong and this time there was something wrong with her. True to form, she started her research. She typed her symptoms into the computer – swollen lymph nodes in different areas of her body, terrible night sweats and fatigue that she has never experienced before – she always moves too fast to realize things like that, but this time it stopped her in her tracks. With every search she did and every way she tried to turn the symptoms around, the links for the same thing kept coming onto her screen...lymphoma! Cancer! Lymphoma is the name for a group of blood cancers that start in the lymphatic system (part of the body’s immune system – the body’s defense against infection). Her world stood still…. “What about the kids?” “What will happen to me?” “What about my quality of life?” “What, what, what???” She made an appointment with her doctor. She explained all of her symptoms, explained that she is very in tune with her body, and explained that she was feeling things she had never experienced before and so on. The doctor ordered a series of tests, which included removing one of her lymph nodes. After what seemed like an eternity, the tests came back. To Kim’s surprise, the doctor told her that her tests were all normal and that she was fine. Kim didn’t buy it. She pressed on with her research only to be taken right back to the word that had come up before – lymphoma. After some “persuasion” from her dad last summer, she made an appointment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. They ran their own tests and also ordered that the lymph node that had been removed by her doctor be sent to them. As much as she knew deep down that she had lymphoma, nothing could prepare her for what she was about to hear. “You have Non Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma.” After more tests, it was also confirmed that she is in stage IV of the cancer. Again, her world stood still…. Instead of burying herself under the covers of her bed and withdrawing from life, Kim made the decision to live life to the fullest every single day and to fight. That’s what takes us to why this website exists. When I found out about Kim’s diagnosis, like most of you, I was shocked, devastated, scared, MAD and the list goes on. If I were in the same city as Kim, I would have rushed over to her house. I would have tried to take care of as many things as I could for her and be there for her – just as I know she would do for me and any of you reading this. Unfortunately, I live 4 ½ hours away from Kim so dropping by at a moment’s notice to help was out of the question. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could do to help Kim without being in the same city. It was starting to take over my thoughts. Like most of my ideas, the idea of coming up with a website for everyone who cares about Kim, came to me in the middle of the night (when most normal people are sleeping). When Kim, Amy, Kelly and I went to Arizona before Kim started her chemotherapy for a “Kim Trip”, I told Kim I’d like to start a fundraiser or other type of event for her to help her as much as I could. Now I can stay true to my word.  Kim goes to Omaha, NE every three weeks for her chemotherapy treatments. After each treatment, she has a period of several days where she can barely care for herself, let alone four children who all want Mommy. Kim has to be in an environment where she isn’t exposed to viruses, bacteria and any other illnesses. With four children under the age of 8??? Kim needs help! Kim needs our help. We’ve all been trying to figure out how to make Kim’s life easier.  Well, this is it!  We can raise money for Kim so she can have some of the stress of her life lifted off her shoulders. I’d like to challenge each of you to put your best fundraising foot forward to help reach our goal! Send this website to your friends, neighbors, classmates, families. Get your children or whoever lives with you involved. Get a jar and label it BE”cause” of Kimberly Price and everyone can drop change and extra dollars into it. Everyone will be amazed at how quickly the jar fills up. Give yourself a date (maybe every two weeks, once a month, etc) and take the money to the bank when you get to your date and make your donation to BE”cause” of Kimberly Price. It will be fun for everyone who’s helping! Don’t wait and tell yourself that you’ll make your donation later, get your wallet/purse and make your donation right now! You’ll be glad you did. What can your donation do for Kim?
  • A $10 donation will buy lunch for Kim when she doesn’t feel well enough to cook.
  • A $15 donation will pay for one hour of childcare and house care.
  • A $25 donation will cover the gas (one way) for Kim’s trips to Omaha for her treatment.
  • A $50 donation will cover the gas to AND from Omaha for her trips for treatment.
  • A $60 donation will pay for a quick dinner for their family when Kim isn’t up to preparing a meal for 6.
  • A $100 donation will cover one deep cleaning of the house, so it’s germ-free when she returns from treatment with next to zero ability to fight any illness off.
  • All donations will help with the cost of the thousands of dollars in medical expenses the family will have to endure every single month.
Coming soon...a specially designed t-shirt to further support the BE"cause".  LET'S DO THIS! 
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