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The family & friends of Debra Hansen are uniting to raise money to help with her fight against cervical cancer. Please show your support

Please help offset/assist with medical/daily living expenses to alleviate the financial burden to help Debbie fight her cancer. I'll let my neice tell you her mom's story:
The news of my moms cancer came as a complete and utter shock to all of us. As a daughter and only child, I think I had the mindset that my mom, who is also my best friend will always be here. When faced with the reality that she someday will not made me completely open my eyes and begin taking everyday as a gift not only with the time spent with my mom but my husband and children as well. My mom is the most amazing, hardworking woman I know and she has taken the news of this illness with poise and tact. Although she is probably freaking out on the inside.....she maintains a sense of calm outwardly for everyone else’s benefit. She is an amazing grandmother whom her grandchildren look up to and for guidance in their young lives when my husband or I just won’t do. When we got the news that she would need major surgery to rid her of the cancer panic began to set in, not just because of the impending surgery but of the financial strain this would take on her and her business. Being self employed, health insurance is somewhat of a luxury for most people, my mom included. As a woman who works 12 to 15 hour days almost 7 days a week the financial toll could be a disaster. We were able to find an insurance plan to help cover the cost of the impending medical bills but it is close to $500 a month and that will rise in November with her 60th birthday. Her surgery went well but more bad news was to come in the weeks after. The cancer was diagnosed as stage 3c and had spread into one of her lymph nodes so a radical form of chemotherapy and radiation has been prescribed. This will take us through the beginning of next year before all is said and done. Her first session of chemo went pretty well but it made her very tired and she hasn’t been able to work even close to the hours she is use to, which in turn has made paying the bills along with the increased payroll a huge strain. My mom has worked long and hard for everything she has and we are asking on her behalf for some help to cover her mounting personal and medical expenses so she can focus on the most important thing of all......healing. My children need their grandma to be here for all of their milestones small and large and I still need my mom even as a grown woman with kids of my own.
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