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Help raise money so that Blinky can get the surgery she needs to remove regenerating claws in her paw sooner.

I adopted Blinky from a very large dog and cat shelter just a couple of days after Septemer 11, 2011, a time when many of us were searching for love and compassion. I was young, a sophomore in college, and shared a furnished apartment with three other students. A few months after Blinky came home, she was reported to the landlord and I was forced to remove her from the premises. She moved in with my mom who lived a few hours away. A couple months later I moved into a new place where Blinky was welcome. Since I would now have my own furniture, I decided to have Blinky’s front claws removed. That was almost exactly nine years ago. I know people are going to judge me for having this done, but I was young and did what I had to do at that time in order to bring Blinky home.

In 2005, I first noticed a growth on her left, front paw. I brought her to see a vet who x-rayed it. Nothing was visible in the x-ray, so the vet said to not worry about it as long as it didn’t bother her. And it never did, until Monday night when I noticed the growth was bleeding. I brought Blinky to a vet the next day. I opted out of the x-ray because of the expense and because it had been x-rayed before without anything showing up. Instead, they put her under light anesthesia in order to aspirate the growth and look at the cells under a microscope. While the doctor was cleaning her foot, part of the growth ruptured and about 10-15 claws fell out.

When he came back into the room to tell me what happened, he showed me the claws in a small test tube and said that there were more in her foot that he couldn’t get out. He explained that what likely happened was the doctor who performed the original declaw surgery didn’t remove all of the bone and the claws are regenerating. He said that he learned about it while in veterinary school, but never actually saw it. He asked if he could keep the claws, which I willingly let him do.

To fix what is happening with her foot, he said he would basically need to re-do the declaw surgery and because of her age he would need to do a geriatric blood panel prior to the surgery. Seeing no other option, I went ahead and requested the blood panel be done and scheduled the surgery for July 15, which, after paying $274.90 that day, is the earliest I will have the funds to pay for the surgery.

My goal with this GiveForward page is to try to help defray the cost of the surgery, which is estimated at $263, so that I can reschedule it for an earlier date. It would be great if Blinky didn’t have to wait almost a month to have the remaining claws removed from her foot. I know many of you animal lovers out there understand how hard it can be to suddenly come up with hundreds of dollars in order to do what’s best for your pet. I hope that you will consider helping Blinky.

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