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We are trying to raise enough money to get Nutmeg the surgery she needs to have a pacemaker placed to correct her sick sinus node. we are very close to saving her and have had the pacemaker donated and everything is set up, we just need $2,000 to have the pacemaker placed. this will save her. Please help if you can. thanks you!

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and hope by doing so you are inspired to help.
My name is Tina Miller, I run a small animal rescue with the help and support of my family and close friends. I love helping animals and enjoy being able to save a life while giving a human a new furbabie to love and bond with.
This little dog is wear my passion and inspiration began.

Nutmeg is a 8 years old chihuahua. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Sick Sinus Node Syndrome.

("Nutmeg is a dog I personally rescued 5 years ago on her put to sleep day, from a shelter I was working at. She was abused, mistreated and only minimal contact with people for the 5 months she was there. She had broken teeth that were not treated and was in alot of pain from being in a kennel for so long. Now she is a completely different dog. She is greatful for every smile, pat on the head and treat she gets. She is excited when you come home and willing to sit with you as long as it takes. Cindy Loves her dearly and so do I. She is one rescue that has stayed with me and I will never be able to forget.)

Please click below to read about the condition since there is limited space.

Basically the Sinus node is what makes the heart beat, and when it can't beat normally you run into all kinds of problems.

one being the heart stops and she can not breath/ stops breathing. This happens alot during sleep, so we have to take shifts watching her and waking her when

she stops breathing. this also causes fainting during the day.Because she can not breath she will almost blackout, and with her being so tired from not being able to sleep for more then 45 Min's at a time. she will simply fall over, and not know til she hits the ground that its happening. the second thing you run into is seizures which she is having do to the lack of Oxygen to the brain when the heart stops and she stops breathing. You can see where I am going with this. It's a chain reaction that can only be stopped by placing a pacemaker to keep the heart in rhythm.

I have worked very hard over the past 2 weeks to get into contact with a company nice enough to donate the pacemaker and lead she needs. I thank them with all my heart for giving her a 2ndchance. and hope that they know how much it means to all of us involved.
We are also working with a amazing Vet In Los angelos
that has been through this whole ordeal with us and we will never be able to repay him for the kindness he has shown us and the help he has given.

(The pacemaker arrived very late last night. Now we just need to raise the money to have it placed)

the pacemaker's donation did help with some costs but we still are in desperate need of the funds to have the pacemaker placed,and her after care. We need at the very minimum $3,000 to do this. I have raised the first portion ($1,000) by selling items and asking friends and family.

We are so close and hope is just over the horizon for Nutmeg. Please donate what you can. We have an account with paypal, a fundraiser setup wtih and we can take checks.

If there is anyway you can help. Please email me or call me. This would mean ALOT to me and Cindy.

Cindy does not drive, but I am 100% willing to do whatever it takes to help. I have made 4 trips to san diego in the last 10 days. and will o there everyday if needed.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone that can donate, every little bit helps. please feel free to post this on twitter, facebook and etc.

below is a picture of Nutmeg from just a few months ago and a video of her fainting episodes.

Also My contact information and If you would like Cindy's to verify anything please email me.
Thank you all!

Tina Miller

2ndchance animal rescue and transport

760-660-3414 my cell

Please help us the rest of the way, we are so close!

thank you all!! Very Very much.

If you would like to remain anonymous this is okay to,

we will respect your privacy but thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help.

Give what you can and God bless! Please pray for Nutmeg, she is very loved and special to us.

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