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We desperately need this mouth piece, so that it can help to control our Tourette Syndrome. Your support is much needed and appreciated!!


 Hi my name is Rhonda and this is our story..My daughter and I  suffer from having Tourette Syndrome and we are asking for your financial support to purchase a special mouth piece that will help us to control our Tourette Syndrome so my daughter and I can have the quality of life we so deserve. The mouth piece appliance costs $4,085 and for (2) mouth piece appliances cost $8,170 this includes all x-rays, molds, exams, follow up visits, and the appliances itself. Our insurance does not cover this and we can not afford this on our own.  This would improve the quality of life for us and for our family.

I have a severe case of Tourette Syndrome and my daughter has a slight case, but stress makes it worse for the both of us.  We had it since the age of 6 and 7, and for most of my life, I have tried to ignore it and prayed it would just go away.  I have tried to keep it a secret and only started to accept it about 4 years ago when it started to get worse and since then, I am not able to control them anymore and desperately need your help.  I am a private person, so this is very hard for me to tell my story out in the open like this.  My case is a little different than most others with Tourette Syndrome due to the fact that Tourette Syndrome is more common in males than females and having a severe case of it, makes my situation, our situation, even more of a rare case.

 Last year I was diagnosed with severe depression. that I lost so much weight;  I went from 135 lbs to 109 in six weeks. My tics were so bad that it was easier to lay down instead of get up and take care of myself such as eat, so eventually, due to the T.S. and depression, I lost my appetite completely and stopped eating all together that I was literally skin and bones.  I was at rock bottom and didn't have the will to live anymore.  I would look into the mirror and cry and I could see myself just disappearing from life, it was like living a slow death. I hid out in my closet and cried each day for many many months.  

On a daily basis, my body is in such constant movement from the tics to the point of exhaustion and body pain and it is causing deterioration in my shoulders. Having Tourette Syndrome is like having a constant, out of control war going on in the inside and not being able to control it.  I am sure people think that having T.S. isn't much of a big deal,  or having it is a laughing matter, but I am here to tell you that having it, can be TRULY, a LIVING HELL!!  It seems that most people just don't care. It's  very hard to hold in the tics because trying to suppress them only make them worse just as stress causes them to worsen.  It's an everyday challenge just to do everyday things most people take for granted like preparing meals, cleaning, doing laundry, shave, take a bath and I am afraid at times of falling and injuring myself, as far as cooking goes, I am afraid of burning myself from the stove or curling iron which I have done several times, so I avoid it as much as I can.  I have avoided going out doors due to having people stare or make comments about something that can not even start to understand, and by going outside causes triggers that bring out the T.S. such as heat and the stress from traffic.  It is hard to read a book due to the constant twitching that I have to keep going back and re reading the same thing over and over again.  It's hard to make decisions because all of the focus is on the tics and the tics cause allot of pain which causes lack of focus and concentration.   I am sure that most women, especially, mother's and wife's can relate to this as being a very challenging situation because we are the ones who are mostly responsible for taking care of our family and the daily demands of life. My family, my daughter's future, her happiness, quality of life, mean everything in the world to me.

I have been seeing my neurologist/chiropractor for the last several months for my Tourette Syndrome, Dr. Steve Wilson DABCN, Chiropractic Neurologist who has done some research on T.S. after my visit with him,  and he came across a dentist in my area that was trained by the dentist that discovered the mouth piece (the dentist in the YouTube video on the left)  My neurologist was amazed by the results and told me that it would help my medical condition.  I have three herniated disks in my neck from an auto accident and it is getting worse that it can eventually lead to loss of body functions.

I have tried so many other alternatives to help my Tourette Syndrome such as meditations, therapy remedies, bio feedback and nothing helps and the medications that are used to help it come with side effects if taken for long periods at a time.

Despite all the challenges my family has faced and having T.S. has made everything even more challenging.  I will continue to not give up because I know that my family still needs me and that;s what keeps me pressing forward. Through all of this, my relationship with Jesus Christ has grown and the Lord has shown me that I am not alone and he is always with me and my family,  and it is his will for us to have a healthful and happy long life as it is God's blessing to us and our children.  I know that the Lord is directing our steps and giving us the faith, strength, and courage we need to continue to get through all of this. 

We appreciate all of your love and support.



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