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Help provide needed medical care to the Hadza people.

The Hadza Need Your Help!!

The Hadza are currently in dire need of basic health care. In recent years, groups of Hadza have come into increasing contact with immigrants into their region, which has raised the prevalence of several life-threatening infectious diseases. The Hadza Fund is working with local doctors and nurses to develop free, mobile, and culturally-appropriate treatment solutions to help the Hadza survive these threats.


Hyper-Mobile Medical Clinic

The Hadza homeland is a sparsely populated savannah wilderness, and their camps are often far from any roads. To provide medical check-ups and medicine, medical staff from hospitals serving the Hadza area need to be able to travel off the beaten path to visit their camps. Our Hyper-Mobile Medical Clinic is based out of the Askofu Hhando Health Center in Barazani, Karatu district, Tanzania, serving Hadza families in the region.

Fuel for our medical team's motorcycle for a year ($1500)

Maintenance of our team's motorcycle ($1000)

Hyper-mobile clinic medical team salary ($3500)

Medicine & hospital expenses ($4000)

The Hadza have little access to money, and thus hospital stays and medical treatment are often prohibitively expensive for them. Annually, the two hospitals serving the Hadza region provide about $4000 in medical treatment and food to Hadza with life threatening illnesses. With your help we can raise enough money to cover these expenses, and increase the availability of medical treatment to Hadza children and adults who desperately need it.

These fundraising efforts are being organized by two American anthropologists, Herman Pontzer and Brian Wood. The medical efforts are directed by nurse Ruth Matiyas, working at the Askofu Hhando Health Center in Barazani, Karatu district, Tanzania. Donors to this initiative will receive the Hadza Fund Newsletter, detailing how the work is proceeding and how donors funds have been put to use.
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