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Pam needs our help to make ends meet and receive the care she needs, so she can give time to the most important things—her health and her children.

If you haven’t had the good fortune of meeting Pam Caldwell, please take a few moments to do so today. Pam is 55 years old and lives near Gold Hill, Oregon on the Rogue River.  She is mother of Kylie (15) and Drew (12). Pam is an amazing Friend, a dedicated Mom, and a kind Spirit. She lights up so many lives with her cheerful, fun-loving, kind presence. Until September, Pam was employed by the Bureau of Land Management as a wildlife biologist—she is an owl expert, and has a special skill of calling different species of owls!

In August, after months of doctors’ visits and testing, Pam was diagnosed with progressive muscular atrophy, a rare subset of ALS. It is a devastating diagnosis with no cure. Then, in October, Pam tested positive for Lyme disease, with spirochetes found in her blood. Although previous tests for Lyme were negative, a new doctor diagnosed that her ALS symptoms are the result of Lyme disease, an insidious illness whose symptoms mimic many other diseases.

Pam’s health has declined significantly over the past few months. The muscles in her throat, tongue and neck have become weak, so her speech is unclear and she is not able to swallow anything but liquids or soft foods. She has lost weight and muscle mass. She recently had a feeding tube inserted so that she can receive ample nourishment. With the feeding tube in place, she is now starting an extensive round of medication to address Lyme disease. She is also having a PICC line inserted, enabling antibiotics to be administered intravenously, often, and at home. The antibiotics, not unlike chemotherapy, will make her very sick in an attempt to kill the Lyme in her body, which can infect all tissues and organs.

In addition to her health, Pam’s finances are a huge concern. Having left her job, she has no income at this time. She is a single mom, the primary financial provider for her children, and her expenses and needs have already exceeded her income. Pam has applied for disability, though it will take several months to begin. Pam’s medical bills are mounting, even as she needs more resources to get care and intervention, such as medications, speech therapy, expert examinations, acupuncture and whole foods.  

In September, loved ones began organizing to support Pam with this fundraiser. As a result, she received numerous contributions both on and offline. These dollars have absolutely made it possible for her to pursue the medical care she needs and maintain home expenses. Enormous thanks to everyone who has given so kindly.

Friends, family, neighbors and strangers, thank you for helping Pam to receive the care she needs. We encourage you to spread the word about this fundraiser far and wide via email, phone, Facebook and face-to-face. Thank you!

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