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Sadly but true I am organising my wedding that is coming up and I heard news from dad over seas that he had a heart attack.

He was sent to the emergency hospital it's been a week or two now and I'm worried sick I'm trying to hang on my father is my only father I have left alive in the world.
I have not seen him for 3 years now and now this is happening to me.

He loves me a lot before I was separated from him he was in Malaysia and I was in France studying for 5 years and he sailed the entire indian to see me and be reunited but then I had to leave again and this time to come to New Zealand and yet again I can't see him and his health is deteriorating and I am powerless to help and just so happens to be the month of my wedding.

I know that he knows that I can't help him with funds with the hospital so he tells me that it's okay but I don't know how long he can last I really want to see him again he taught me many things in life and to that I owe him a lot and yet he is struggling fighting against this disease that 1 a 80 million can have. Why does this happen to me i don't want to be selfish I know there a lot of people out there that have far more situation than me but he is my father I mean I really love him he has been through so much and his wife is in hospital too he is fighting with the French government for years and nothing is done.
I beg you please he is making this petition to ask for help anything is welcomed food water anything he is even selling his last home his own boat where he is living the boat that he made with his bare hands. I don't know I'm trying to help as much as I can my little brother who is 18 is trying to help him as much as he could before going to France himself his children are so far from him all he wants is to us me and my brother grow and be healthy.

No if somethings good happens something bad will be sure to follow and this is what is happening I'm trying to keep my smile and my normal face but deep inside its hard I'm suffering I can't hold it in anymore I have to say this because of the last news that came in.
The hospital is giving only a few months and that's it what will he do what will he become my father my flesh and blood I plead to you to understand and try and donate something anything please. I keep repeating myself like a broken record typing this on Facebook hoping for something a miracle anything.
I love my father like anybody would this is urgent we all have just one father in the world please I need you to share because this is reality you won't realise the person you love until they are gone and you tell yourself why did I not do this or when I had the chance I didn't do it.

I've never done this in my life I ask you understand to me and the way I am feeling right now please, I know I'm nothing compared to the disasters in the world and like I said it's selfish I know it is and it's my only Dad would you not do the same.
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