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3rd graders, told they cannot raise money for their teacher who lost both arms and both legs say, "Oh yes we can" and do it on Give Forward.

On March 10th, 2011, our teacher Mrs. Mekalian left school early. We all thought she just had a bad cold ... but she didn't. By May, all four of her limbs had been amputated.

On April 19th, the principal came to our classroom and spoke to us. We didn't know that she had double pneumonia. We were told that while Mrs. Mekalian was in the hospital she developed a blood infection, sepsis. The sepsis caused irreversible damage to her limbs. We were all shocked and didn't know what to think. Our principal also told us that Mrs. Mekalian was in good spirits and fully intended to return to teaching.

The day we heard, we told our moms and dads. They were devastated too. We all knew that Mrs. Mekalian wouldn't be back for a while. Our class got a long-term substitute. The substitute was really nice but it wasn't the same without Mrs. Mekalian.

We knew we had to help her so we started planning for this fundraiser on our own.

When Mrs. Mekalian heard that we were planning a fundraiser for her, she surprised all of us by WALKING into our classroom to thank us. Mrs. Mekalian has a tremendous spirit and would love to get back to teaching. She told us that the thing she misses most is her independence and that she would love to drive again.

Please help us make Mrs. Mekalian's wish come true. She made such a difference in our lives and we now want to make a difference in hers. This fundraiser will help Mrs. Mekalian learn to drive again. But it will take a lot of money to do that because she needs special equipment and training to use it. Her doctor has approved her to start this process. Now she will need a physical evaluation and driving lessons. Her car will be evaluated and equipped with the proper devices to enable Mrs. Mekalian to drive.

Mrs. Mekalian is still going to rehabilitation to learn how to use her new arms and legs. She said that she is doing well with them but everyday is a challenge. The support of her fiance', family, and friends has made her struggle much easier. She is an inspiration to us all.

Think about what you do everyday and what it takes for Mrs. Mekalian to do those same exact things. Thank you for visiting our site. Your support and donations will enable our wonderful teacher to return to the classroom.

Your donations can be made through PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD If you would like to MAIL A CHECK, donations may be sent to: Mrs Anne Mekalian, PO Box 14, Joppa, MD 21085. Your contribution will be for Mrs Mekalian's evaluations, driving lessons, and the adaptive equipment necessary for her to drive. Any additional donations will be for Mrs M's medical costs, like her 4 prosthetics as they change with time. THANK YOU! Mrs M's 3rd grade.
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