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Some of you may or may not know... we almost lost our dear friend Dejuan last fall to Septic Shock.

Our dear friend, Dejuan Miller, is a walking miracle.  You may or may not know Dejuan suffered a traumatic near death experience and continues to need medical treatment. If you know Dejuan, you know she has a real zest for life, always a genuine smile and big heart for helping others. She has been a true inspiration... and to show our love for Dejuan, a group of her friends decided to do a fundraiser to help her during this time. 

Her story began last Spring when she was told she needed gall bladder surgery & a hernia repair. Due to scheduling issues, her out-patient laparoscopic surgery was finally scheduled for August 4th.  She was told to expect 2 days of downtime  . . .  it would be 43 days later before she came home.

Sparing you many details, I will quickly run through some of the events that have brought me to sharing this with you. 

Dejuan was home less than 18 hours before her children rushed her back to the hospital Emergency Room.  Dejuan, they soon learned had gone into "Septic Shock"!  Within minutes "she coded and was revived with a defibrillator."  She was intubated and when her kidneys were starting to fail she was given dialysis. Her family was told she was "a very sick woman" with fluid in her abdomen & lungs. The family was then told that she needed emergency surgery, and they were not sure she would make it off the operating table, stressing how critical she was!

The surgeon found that the fluid was bile and that during her original surgery her "small bowel" had been perforated.  After the emergency surgery she was in a coma for 10 days, on a ventilator for 12 days and in the ICU for 16 days. Dejuan was in the hospital a total of 32 days.  Her children were by her bedside the entire time.  Along with their Aunt and Uncle in Georgia, her family came in from Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as childhood best friends. 

During her hospital stay she developed other complications. She was sent to a rehab facility for another 11 days where she learned to re-walk and maneuver stairs - she will tell you this was one of her biggest fears.  For almost 6 months she had to deal with an open wound that was not healing, blood clots, more surgeries and other complications, including another deadly infectious disease C-Diff (she picked up while in the hospital) and has had again since being home.  She has home health care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, mounting doctors and prescription costs, and a nurse, sometimes 2 days a week.  Dejuan just had her 3rd surgery last month and could end up with one more procedure.  She is now in out-patient physical therapy where she continues to work on her balance, strength and endurance. 

This rough road to recovery has been extremely difficult on her and her children. Yes, Dejuan has medical insurance, but it certainly does not cover all of her medical expenses that have now exceeded over $1 Million.

So long story short, this has devastated her family financially, physically & emotionally. Even with all they have been through, their faith is strong.  They give thanks to God for sparing Dejuan's life and blessing them with each other and are very grateful for each & every day.  Even though recovery is a daily struggle, their faith is what has gotten them through the many steps to recovery so far. 

What I have described just touches on some of what she has endured.  While Dejuan may not go back to the life she once had, her “new normal,”  she has faith, will be just as great.  Dejuan’s family and doctors continue to be impressed with her attitude and strength knowing the struggles she has faced and continues to face, that they have kept the nickname, her daughter Whitney, gave her in the hospital… their “Supertrooper.”

I'm sure that you can all sympathize with the trauma she and her kids have been through and continue to live with on a daily basis. The things that we take for granted are what they now need help with, i.e. medical expenses, mortgage/rent, food, clothing, prescriptions, therapy, etc. all of these expenses mount up quickly when you're unable to work.

Let's all please help Dejuan - whether it is $5, or $5,000, whatever you can donate will be greatly appreciated. And if you can not help monetarily, then please consider sending a card, or treat them to a home cooked meal.  

Join us in helping Dejuan overcome these life changing events and get back to a normal life. 

Thank you and God Bless.

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