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This is the "Saving Barclay" Fund. The funds raised will be used to help with the medical bills and future treatment he will need.

Three weeks ago Tuesday Barclay's tail went limp with no response to the touch. Within 45 minutes he was paralyzed in his hind quarters and could not walk. I rushed him to my vet where they did an exam on him and said that he may have slipped a disk in his back. They sent us home with some medication and as the day progressed Barclay was unable to urinate or defecate on his own. Rushed him back in, to express his bladder and had to do this for a few days. Because of the sever problem of not being able to urinate on his own it became a life or death decision. My vet agreed that there was nothing else that they could do and sent us to a neurologist in Sorrento Valley to see Dr. Robin Levitski-Osgood. We rushed him up there where she performed a neurology exam. She then took him to do a MRI, radio graphs; extract spinal fluid.....the list goes on and on. Everything came back inconclusive. However, he does have a UTI which we are treating. Dr.Levitski, as well as, the other specialist came to the conclusion that he suffered a stroke in his spinal cord. He was sent home with a catheter to take away any discomfort that he was having. We had to rush him back the next morning because the catheter was not working properly, where they had to remove it and replace it. We have now taken the catheter out but keeping him on a very high dosage of pain medicine to keep him comfortable. It is now a wait and see, if the body will heal itself. We are praying every day that he will regain the function in his tail and his bladder will start working properly! Barclay will forever be on medication and closely monitored by the specialists.

Anyone that knows Barclay knows that he is one special dog. He is a dog that will touch your heart and put a smile on your face!

Barclay is my best friend and my companion, and the thought of losing him will absolutely devastate me.

As you can imagine, this unexpected family crisis is taking quite an emotional and financial toll. We very much appreciate your love and support.

Please help me in saving his life and keeping my best friend by my side.

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