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I am raising money to purchase a reliable vehicle to get my boyfriend to his dialysis treatments, doctors appointments,food, and bills.

Oh man where do I start? A good friend of mine told my girlfriend about this site so she set everything up for me but I told her i'd take it from here. It started when I had a tooth ache but didnt have insurance. I went to the hospital to see if they could do something for the pain. The nurse checked my blood pressure and there it was, "hypertension". They did cat scans and such, thats when I knew. They started me almost immediatly on dialysis with a temporary catheder for the time being. You can only imagine how I felt at first with a large tube sticking out of my chest. I couldnt even shower. At first it was a little nauseating watching the blood run in and out of my body. When your 18, the last place you wana be for weeks at a time is the hospital. My father was among the first to step up and try to give me a kidney. He passed all the tests until he got to the last. It turned out he had cancer on one of his kidneys so they had to remove it. So it turns out I kinda saved his life. Its been rough. Ive had plenty of operations and plenty of catheders. I think the only thing that kept my spirits up was thinking theres always someone worse off than me. Ive had to move out of my place and into my own because I needed to be in a clean enviornment so thats what I did. I collect my s.s.i and pay my bills. But its not enough. Not by a long shot, and believe me ive tried to find a part time job because thats all social security will let me work. Nobody wants to hire a boy in kidney failure. Im driving a chevy blazer with a head gasket on the way out so I have to accelerate slow and stay under 50, and the truck will not make it an hour and a half drive to the kidney transplant center when they call saying they have a kidney for me(Even if my truck makes it five years because that's how long I have to wait). My dialysis center is about 30 minutes away and with the way gas prices are you can only imagine how "in-debt" i really am. Lately I feel like all I can do is turn to God and get close to him. I think to myself maybe hes just testing me, maybe this will all blow over and I'll get my kidney function back before I know it. Ive noticed I've bin praying for the past 6 months and tried harder to enjoy my life, so I doubt its that simple. Im going to cut myself short and let you all know thats where im at in life. For all the people out there going through what im going through God Bless You and I hope things work out the way you all want it too. As for the people willing to give a portion of their hard earned cash to people like me, well God bless you too.
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