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Lets get Honor Stem cells. This WILL change her life. The funds will go toward recieving stem cells, travel & other medical expenses.

I have a daughter named Honor Monroe who was born with Spina Bifida she is paralyzed from her waist down & has many other major medical issues. Honor is in need of a stem cell transplant to give her the best shot at life & walking Im asking that you donate towards reaching our goal & getting Stem cells for Honor! Please show your support. Honor has undergone two major surgeries, she is soo tough, strong and such a fighter. I want more than anything to see my daughter walk one day so I hope you can all find it in your heart to support her and help me get my daughter where she needs to be. Thank you all.

 I was 17 weeks pregnant when I found out that my precious baby was going to be born with a Neural Tube Defect or more commonly known as Spina Bifida. I will never forget how it felt to sit in the room and feel my heart break. I fought through a pregnancy for her, defended her & loved her with all that I am. She was born May 5, 2012 37 weeks along and a healthy 7lbs 12ozs. "She is perfect" were my first words because when I first saw her I saw beyond SB infact I completely forgot for a moment that she even had it, & its my dream for her always... that people look beyond her equipment, scars or diagnosis & they see her for the strong, beautiful, amazing girl that she is.

Honor has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida Myelomaningocele, she had her back closure surgery at 24 hours old. She also had Hydrocephalus at birth and had to undergo an emergent surgery to place a VP shunt at four days old due to build up of fluid around her back closure. Along with those she struggles with hip displasia, a severe latex allergy, Bilateral grade two bladder reflux, bilateral clubbed feet, reflux, loss of bladder and bowel function, No movement from knee down with minimal hip and thigh movement, Chiari 2 malformation & a tethered spinal cord.

Prayer is always the first thing I ask for I know that our life with Spina Bifida is just begenning and so far it has shown itself to be a tough one. I believe with every part of me that there is power in prayer it has gotten me through many days where I felt that I could not go on, the many days that I slept by her bedside in a chair & worse the days I had to leave her, those days where I had to hold her down while blood was drawn from her head, through countless IVs, the catheterizing, watching her come off of morphine, the everyday heart break when I squeeze her limp legs and pray for different results only to have this tiny blue eyed girl look at me completely unaware and so much more. So prayer is good for my soul it's my saving grace to pull through the impossible days. Then after prayer I would ask that anyone that feels led to give in a financial way to my daughter & I to help with the many financial burdens & for her to be able to recieve a Stem Cell Transplant donate to her account here you can also purchase a necklace at Honor Monroe Tinsley. Every penny counts & I pray everyone that sends prayers up for my family and I or donates is blessed beyond compare & that not only will it come back to you tenfold but that you will also know that I appreciate it more than words can express.

Honor has amazed me at what a fighter she is. She has taught me patience and to be gently with peoples feelings, sbe has showed me that life is so short and we should all enjoy it & not take a single thing for granted, she has taught me that she is smart, strong & so beautiful. She is love, kindness, a tough Texan, a sweet sister, mommys girl, Mimis lil monkey, hope for the future, a suprise everyday, she is patient with me while I learn to care for her (Im slow in doing things like changing dressings, giving meds, changing diapers, our leg excercises...etc but Im getting faster) she is blue eyes in the morning when its just us two, she is sunshine, alil smile & everything good. She is conquering Spina Bifida daily and Im here by her side walking slowly through to not rush these days with her they are days I will never forget they are cherished, they are wonderful & beautiful because Honor is Honor and she leaves her mark everyday on this world and the people around her. God is so good and I see his blessings and I feel his love when I look into my daughters eyes. Spina Bifida will not define her she is so much more.

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