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Raising money to help save our wonderful pet, Buddy. The money raised will go to Buddy's medical expenses of his life long disease.

Buddy at 7 months was adopted at a Pet Fest in November 2009.Our first pet as a couple, Buddy was a spunky, extremely playful puppy, he brought joy to our lives and still does..he gave us something new every day! Everything was going great as a puppy until March 27, 2010 when we noticed Buddy wasn't being himself! He was constantly laying down, was slugish and quiet..saying the word "walk" always got him super excited and that day, "walk" was just another word to him. We proceeded to care for him and tried to cheer him up thinking he may have just been bummed out, we took him for a walk by the hardest. On the walk Buddy was slow, tail was hanging low and he just had no life in him. It was very emotional and sad to see. We then decided to bring Buddy the emergency vet to get him checked out. It was very scary and very sad to see a puppy not even 2 years of age go from soo happy and spunky to lifeless and sad. The veterinary specialists had took Buddy to run some tests on him and as we were waiting for what seemed forever, we received no word. They told us to go home and they will call to let us know what they discovered. As we receive a phone call from the Vet, they tell us to come in to talk about Buddys medical condition..Addison's Disease.
Addison's Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism) is a disease that is usually found in small to medium dogs, in this case our large german shep mix pup had it. The disease can also be found in humans.
Addison's Disease in Buddy's case has a deficiency of the corticosteriod hormones (hormones that enable a being to adapt physiologically to stress). Basically Buddy is missing that hormone which is treatable under the right amount of injections and medications.
Buddy receives an injection every month (every 25 to 28 days) depending on his weight is the amount of medicine he he is a 85lb 3 year old dog...and gets 3ml from a 25mg/ml bottle which is about the size of your fingernail to your each medicine bottle costs $274.00 each time, each month. Along with pills Buddy needs to take everyday, which the costs for that is not bad. Buddy has to get a check up every few months and it costs $115.00 to get his levels and electrolytes checked. We get charged for his check up, the medicines, the disposal fees, and the injection which is an extra $80.00.
We are struggling with this expense and it is hard being a full time college student, with no job. We very much so want Buddy to continue being happy and live his life with is not an option to give him up!
We could use any help we can get! Having a fundraiser was the last resort for me, and we need all the help we can get, to help Buddy!
We want Buddy to see his next birthday in May 2012!!!!!
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