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Senior citizen needs help with medical testing and medications for a sick kitty suffering with Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline AIDS virus.

I'm hoping that some kind soul out there will read this and help my little buddy. His name is Blackjack ("Jack" for short), he is a black Bombay cat, and he's my best friend in the entire world. He's also infected with both feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus.

He is now having late stage symptoms of FILV (feline AIDS) and needs frequent veterinary care/medications due to recurring infections that are part and parcel of his immune system being so compromised.

I was always able to care for his medical needs on my own until the disease recently progressed to the point where the expense of needed treatments exceeded my meager budget. I am a senior citizen living on social security income and am in very poor health myself. I am widowed and live alone, so Jack is my best friend. This worsening of his condition just could not have come at a worse time financially.

No matter how hard things get, I always put Jack's needs before my own. There have been times that I skipped buying necessities for myself so that he could get the nutrition, meds and care he needs. Because he's sooooo worth it!!!

If you met him, you'd fall in love with my little boy. Everybody does. He's a true gentleman and a charmer. He is sweet and loving to all living things. Won't even kill a bird or a bug (no kidding!). He has never once scratched or bitten me, not even at play (that's rare!). He's a cuddler; great with the elderly and children. Sleeps in my arms every night. Walks by my side everywhere I go (without a leash!). Handsome fella too...I've attached a few pics of him, taken during healthier times. Isn't he a little heart-throb???:)

Jack's exact age is unknown -- I rescued him and his mother in 2008 when their owners abandoned them in my apartment complex. He appeared to be appx. 4 months old when I took him in so I would guess him to be between 2.5-3 years old. He was in perfect health all his life, despite the disease he showed few symptoms, until he got into the late stages and the infections are now quite persistent.

The vet who diagnosed him with FLV/FILV tells me that while these diseases will claim the cat's life eventually, it's not an immediate death sentence -- Jack can still have many relatively healthy, happy years left to live with proper ongoing treatment. Unfortunately I am now in a very bad financial situation myself; my good fortunes have reversed, and I can no longer keep up with Jack's medical expenses. But my heart breaks at the thought of putting him to sleep or giving him away -- it's very difficult to get adult FLV/FILV-positive cats adopted, practically impossible. So his situation looks very bleak indeed unless a miracle comes our way. God knows I'm praying for one.

I have adopted/rescued many cats over my lifetime, always cared for them like children, have always been a responsible pet owner who provided for my pet's needs. During better financial times, I donated to various animal welfare orgs as well as giving charity privately. Now that it's my turn to feel the economic crunch, I hope that someone might read this and do for me what I once did for others...I believe in the laws of karma, and that is you put good energy out there, it will come back to you.

Perhaps someone out there who has lost a beloved cat to FLV or FILV can understand how I feel and is able to lend a hand. Or, if you are comfortable financially and able to sponsor him, donate the cost of a medical checkup/meds, or whatever you can help with, we would both be so grateful to you!!

Every vet I've talked to about Jack's care does not allow payment plans, understandably -- they've been burned too many times by deadbeats.Every vet I've talked to here requires full payment in advance, and I just can't afford that right now.

Please understand that Jack is my BABY. He's been kinder and more loving to me than any cat I've ever owned (and that's more than 15 cats in the past 30 years) -- heck, he's been better to me than most PEOPLE in this crazy, mixed-up old world. He's taught me a lot about unconditional love. I can give him plenty of love in return, good food, vitamins, supplements, and tender care, but the one thing I don't have to give him is what he needs most right now. Medical attention, testing, and meds!!! Only these things can save his life.

Thanks for taking time to read this rather lengthy but heartfelt plea. God bless ALL of you who rescue/adopt/help abandoned, abused, and sick animals. I know from experience how good it feels to nurse a sick animal back to health -- there's no feeling quite like it, is there?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Jack is sitting beside me right now, watching every word I type (we're two peas in a pod) -- and he thanks you, too.:) "
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