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The friends and family of Abby are trying to raise money to help her pay for alternative treatments to the chemotherapy.

On July 28th we arrived back in Long Beach, NY after a 3 week honeymoon in Hawaii. We had the chance to travel to Kauai and Maui and share incredible moments together. Prior to us going away, Abby had been experiencing some stomach pains. With the help of yoga, she had been able to stretch and move around to ease the pain on a regular basis. While in Hawaii, Abby complained that it hurt after she ate and sometimes she had no appetite at all. She constantly complained of pains, but it seemed like normal gas pains and bloating. We extended our trip an extra week as she did not feel like she was ready to leave…she was in too much discomfort. Finally, we came back and on July 30th she went to her first doctors appointment. After 2 full weeks of tests, and scans, and x-rays, and terrible drinks, and biopsies we came to find out her diagnosis. Something that we never expected, and prayed could not be the truth. It is Cancer. It is a Cancer that they do not know the primary source of. Abby and I started staying with her parents on July 30th, and have been staying here since. We have been in and out of doctors offices looking for more opinions, options, and trying to find answers as to how this could have happened. Abby began Chemotherapy treatment on Thursday August 16th, 2012. She must go in for treatment every two weeks until we have more answers. Every other day, she must be hydrated through her IV mediport…and every day we hope will be better for her. A day without any pain or nausea. A day when her friends and family can come visit her to make her smile. Orange for Abby was created when Abby met with a hypnotherapist. He told her to close her eyes and tell him the first color she imagines. She saw orange, and it is also her favorite color. Orange for Abby came to life because as people started to learn of her disease they tried to come up with something to say to make her feel better, and to make us feel loved. I asked a few friends to send me a picture of themselves dressed in orange so that when she imagined orange, she could also imagine her favorite people smiling at her. People caught on to the idea, and started to spread quickly. People were posting anything orange that they could find. I created an album on our Facebook page to keep all of the photos together. Within 1 week there are over 500 photos posted, and most from people that don’t even know what is wrong exactly. The love and support and friendship and strength is felt with each picture posted, each phone call made, each text message and email sent. Abby has received many cards, and presents to the house all in the colors of orange and brightness. We thank you for taking the time to read about Abby’s story. We have a long journey ahead of us, and we hope you stay with us…support her, love her, pray for her, send calming and healing thoughts, and most of all…keep yourself healthy. Go to a doctor if you are questioning a pain. Do not let it go too far. We will continue to update you on our road to recovery, and we will provide you with the doctors and research we have done to help find her a cure.
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