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This is the Yasenia Thomas fund.It will be used to cover various medical expenses.

This is a page created to raise money for our daughter's various medical expenses.

Yasenia was born with a medical condition called Pierre-Robin Syndrome. She is 4 and to date has had 17 surgeries. She has had a feeding tube since she was 7 days old. She had her first jaw distraction when she was 6 weeks old. Yasenia developed a complication from her first jaw distraction and as a result developed MRSA in her jaw. It ate her entire right jaw hinge and she subsequently had to have a rib graft put in. Her jaw from that point on refused to grow. She has had numerous other surgeries including a second distraction. She will now need a third because there is not enough space in her mouth to fix her cleft palate. In addition her jaw has overcompensated and grown unto her cheek bone which makes it impossible for her to open or close her mouth more then a few inches. She will have to have surgery to break her jaw bone back off of her cheek bone so that it can move freely.Then her doctors have to put cartilage or fascia in between the bones in her face to keep them from continuing to regrow. Her rib graft has also grown out of control and needs to be shaved down as well. This means that Yasenia will have to have at least 4 more surgeries before the surgery to fix her cleft palate can even begin. After all of her surgeries she will need to have massive amounts of therapy to be able to learn how to speak, eat and learn to use her mouth properly. The closest hospital with the ability to treat her is 4 hours away which involves huge costs for traveling and hotel expenses. There is also the added cost of missing weeks worth of work because her average hospital stay from a major surgery is about 5 days.


This fund would help to cover all of these costs and would be an enormous help to us. We will also use this fund to cover a speech device for Yasenia. It is currently very difficult for people that are not around her all the time to understand what she says. A speech device would give her the ability to have a conversation with someone without getting frustrated about not being understood. It would also help her to be able to ask her doctors any questions whereas right now she is completely unable to do so. With this fund we will also get Yasenia a service dog. She has three other siblings and her being away from them adds to the emotional distress she feels in the hospital. It would be such a comfort to her to be able to have a constant companion to support her through her hard times. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Yasenias story! We are incredibly thankful for any help we receive for our little girl!


$20- Covers one meal in the hospital

$150- Covers enough gas to and from the hospital from our house

$100- Covers one night in a hotel while Yasenia is in the hospital

$3,000- Covers the cost of a service dog for Yasenia

$170- Covers one day of missed work for a surgery or hospital visit

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