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Fundraiser for Prince's radiation therapy while he battles Melanoma.

Dear Friends, Family and Animal Lovers,
My sweet Mister P was diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma on July 8, 2011. He has a tumor on the bottom front of his mouth that has grown to the size of a grape, since initial surgery 4 weeks ago when they removed what they could .

The good news is that his chest x-rays and ultrasound have shown that it has not spread anywhere. His blood counts and liver both look healthy as well and he acting as normal as ever. He is still running and playing, wanting to stick his head out the window during car rides, and begging for food in the kitchen, as a lot of you have tolerated him doing in the past. His appetite remains insatiable. While I am not losing site of the reality that melanomas are rarely cured, it is hard not to want to proceed with the recommended treatment plan to debulk the primary tumor. It has shown up in the most uncomfortable place for Prince, who lives for eating food. The goal of radiation is to make the mouth more comfortable so that Prince has a better quality of life for the time remaining. Radiation to the tumor will cease enlargement and begin shrinking it by the second or third week of treatment.

The other very good news is that it is uncommon for the cancer to recur in the treated site. The side effects of the radiation in this spot are minimal. He has lived a wonderful life I am so grateful for. My priority is most definately his comfort and quality of life vs. keeping him alive as long as possible. While I know the cycle of life, Prince has been a companion and family member to me, and I would like to be able to keep him as happy as possible.

A friend of mine told me about this website. While it is difficult for me to swallow my pride and ask for help, I am hoping that by reaching out and opening the channels here that Prince will be able to more quickly receive the first step in treatment, which is the radiation, so that his condition does not get worse. If it goes well, I will hopefully have had the time to prepare for the second round of treatment costs myself, which is a melanoma vaccine. Any and all help is angelic and appreciated.

Much love from,
Me and P
Monica Martin
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