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Well, August 14th, 2010 was the two-year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis, so I guess that makes me a survivor, right?  I am still in treatment, and still need to raise funds for the substantial costs that are not covered by my health insurance, but I really feel like things are getting better.  Yay!  I am moving ahead and planning my wedding for the Fall.  I'm heading back to Reno for another week of treatment and fine-tuning on protocol at the end of August. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has donated so far.  I owe you my life.  Really.  I wouldn't be here without you.  My family and I are so bowled over by the support and love that everyone is sending our way... Please feel free to share this page with others using the "Tell a Friend" box above. The response through Facebook postings has been incredible! There's also a widget (on the tab below) that you can add to your own webpage, if you choose. With gratitude, Meg [scroll down for the whole story...] On August 14th, 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The past two years have been a roller-coaster ride of fear and exhilaration. You see, I also got engaged in 2008, four months before my diagnosis… I’ve had two surgeries; one in NYC and one in Portland, Oregon; each followed by a recurrence within months. I am now at Stage IV, with metastasis to the bones, and a local recurrence in my right breast. After much research, medical advice on both coasts, diagnostic testing, and soul-searching, I have decided to seek treatment at the Cancer Hope Center in Nevada. Dr. Forsythe is on the cutting edge of integrative cancer care. I was lucky enough to be able to meet with him for a consultation on March 10th, and feel confident that this treatment will save my life. (scroll down for more...) With the help of my friends, I have already raised $23,500 towards the $30,000 I need for the initial three-week intensive IV treatment (which, in the world of cancer treatment is cheap!),which I began on April 20th.  The treatment went very well, my doctors say, and my cancer markers are going down!  I need to keep raising funds however to stay on the expensive supplement and  IV protocol that seems to be working to keep the tumors in chedk.  Then I will need another $10,000 to go back to the clinic in Reno for a week in August for fine tuning,,, Please donate here online or send donations to the “Meg Patterson Cancer Treatment Fund”, c/o Clatsop Community Bank, 988 Commercial St, Astoria, OR 97103 If you would like to read my online journal and sign up for updates on my treatment, please go to <>. Thank you so much for your help. Because of the recurrence, I have had to postpone my wedding, and also beginning graduate school. I have deferred enrollment to Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara where I will be studying for an MA in Humanities with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. When I am finished with my treatment and my cancer is in remission, I plan to continue directing plays (especially Shakespeare), continue teaching English as a second language to JobCorps kids, and get married! If you have any questions about donating, or perhaps setting up a raffle or other creative fundraising idea, please contact my friend Bari George <> to brainstorm and get support and ideas. She's been spearheading the fundraising efforts and is very helpful. And PLEASE, even if you can't give right now, forward this website link to all your friends and networks (facebook, schools, workgroups, churches) with a little note that says something like "I'm helping my friend Meg raise money for her breast cancer treatment. Will you please help?" Many people who don't even know me have given donations. It's easy to do with the "Tell a Friend" widget at the top of this page, above my picture. THANK YOU! So, pay it forward, and be well. All the best, Meg Here are the donors from the prior fundraiser -- bless them all !!! donor: Maudene Nelson give date: 2010-04-20 $15 hugs & more hugs and bigger hugs -- and tissues and lame jokes and everything else I can give you is going out from my heart to yours donor: Geoffrey Kershner give date: 2010-04-20 $25 Hang in there Meg! donor: Diane Drey - home exchanger give date: 2010-04-17 $118 Keep going... you have friends all over the world donor: Alexandra Hopkins give date: 2010-04-15 $10 No comment left by this donor. donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-04-14 No comment left by this donor. donor: Jodi P. Molever give date: 2010-04-14 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: Barbara Sarah give date: 2010-04-13 $25 Thinking of you, Meg, and sending loving wishes for your successful treatment! donor: Kathryn S. Jost give date: 2010-04-13 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: JR Orlando give date: 2010-04-12 $25 All my prayers to you, Meg, JR donor: Kenneth A Eisner give date: 2010-04-12 $100 No comment left by this donor. donor: Peter Fiske give date: 2010-04-11 $1000 Dear Meg, I am sending you love, energy, and strength as you approach this treatment. Much love, Peter donor: ken and dianne perkins give date: 2010-04-11 $50 we will be praying for you. god bless donor: Nabil Ghachem give date: 2010-04-11 $100 No comment left by this donor. donor: Renee Colombo give date: 2010-04-11 $100 No comment left by this donor. donor: Kathleen Cunneen give date: 2010-04-10 $100 My dear Meg - I think of you every minute and send love. If anyone can make a miracle, it is you, my beautiful, shining friend. donor: DeGaetano give date: 2010-04-10 $10 Heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. donor: Stephanie Hunter give date: 2010-04-10 $50 Friend of Bari - Best to you! donor: Bruce Fairchild give date: 2010-04-10 $50 Thoughts and Prayers Meg donor: Gregory Mateja give date: 2010-04-10 $20 No comment left by this donor. donor: lee s cohn give date: 2010-04-09 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: R. Bobby and Michael Ducharme give date: 2010-04-09 $60 Love and hugs for a complete healing. donor: Michelle Finocchi give date: 2010-04-09 $30 No comment left by this donor. donor: Susana Millman give date: 2010-04-08 $25 No comment left by this donor. donor: Cynthia Milenkovich give date: 2010-04-08 $20 Be Blessed! donor: Daniel Banks give date: 2010-04-07 $75 Sending love and much healing! donor: Sue Hudach give date: 2010-04-07 $100 Meg - As you may remember, I am a friend and co-worker of your mom. I want to donate to your cause - and hope that this is your ticket. donor: Priscilla Ratje give date: 2010-04-07 $25 My prayers for you and your mom. donor: Beth Sopko give date: 2010-04-06 $10 Dear Meg: I don't know you, but I hope this helps you get the treatment you need. donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-04-06 $50 Sending all sorts of healing thoughts. donor: Sheila Anderson give date: 2010-04-06 $50 Meg, I wish you all the best. I wish I could give more, but I will defintely include you in my prayers when I chant. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for a speedy recovery donor: Rebekah Walendzak give date: 2010-04-06 $50 Sending you love and hope, Meg. donor: John yoo give date: 2010-04-05 $180 No comment left by this donor. donor: Lynn Thorburn give date: 2010-04-05 $50 My thoughts are with you, Meg. donor: Shirley Kim give date: 2010-04-05 $25 I pray that you have peace and strength during this time. I admire your courage and tenacity. donor: Steve Susoyev give date: 2010-04-05 $100 Wishing you well, Meg. What a friend we have in Thomas! donor: THOMAS ESTLER give date: 2010-04-05 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: Rebecca Jarrett AMissah_Aidoo give date: 2010-04-04 $50 holding good thoughts donor: Thomas S. Burka give date: 2010-04-04 $200 No comment left by this donor. donor: On behalf of Brian and Eileen give date: 2010-04-03 $25 Keep fighting the fight! donor: Susan Parker Bodine give date: 2010-04-03 $500 Stay strong. donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-04-02 No comment left by this donor. donor: Brian & Eileen Jennings give date: 2010-04-02 $100 I just wish I could give you more tangible support than $$. It's been too damn long, my friend. donor: Dan Woolley give date: 2010-04-02 $200 From one PU alumnus to another- good luck and God bless! donor: Gay Erwin give date: 2010-04-02 $100 Meg: I was lucky enough to work for your mom at Barnett and always felt like I knew you because of all the wonderful things she said about you. I'm so glad to be able to help if only just a little. donor: Jaime Restrepo give date: 2010-04-02 $100 From one of your Mom's old friends.. We share a special bond not of our choosing...Broken Hearts donor: Ted & Veronica Kelley give date: 2010-04-02 $53 We will continue to pray for your recovery!! donor: Lizzie Berger give date: 2010-04-01 $100 Keep living! donor: Michael Ali give date: 2010-04-01 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: Jake Nunes give date: 2010-04-01 $100 From another '83 theater type. Our paths only crossed a little, but I'm honored to be part of the large and loving group that is pulling for you. donor: Mom give date: 2010-04-01 $500 for Memory of Randy with Luv, Mom donor: Lori Mazan- friend of Nan Reed give date: 2010-04-01 $100 I am so impressed with your ability to ask for what you need. I'm sure you will get it! donor: Talvin Wilks give date: 2010-04-01 $250 Dearest, I've been longing to support and today I can. We have all been on an incredible artistic journey and I am always inspired by those who remain in the struggle. Much love. donor: Meryl Shaw give date: 2010-03-31 $100 Dearest Meg, You are an inspiration. I send you all my best light and love. Meryl donor: Sue and Rob in pdx give date: 2010-03-31 $100 In honor of Dave and Lauren, who also recently reminded us of the power of love and friendship. donor: Mark & Lynn Hofflund give date: 2010-03-31 $100 Love, love, love to you Meg. You're a pioneer, a leader and an inspiration! donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-03-31 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: Margaret & Seth at Dragonheart give date: 2010-03-30 $50 Meg, bright, beautiful, and brave: Seth and I send you our support and love. "Be humble, as you are made of earth; be noble, as you are made of stars." (Traditional Polish saying) donor: Mary Elizabeth G. Gallo give date: 2010-03-30 $500 I always see you as my friend with … “a deeper sensibility” - joni mitchelle ;) You have always inspired me with the beauty and magic you see in everyday little things . . . keeping shining and know that your friends are lifting you up! donor: Markley Boyer give date: 2010-03-29 $200 No comment left by this donor. donor: Steven Levy & family give date: 2010-03-29 Blessings & Praise! - Thoughts & Prayers! - Butter & Jam! - Love & Peace! - Bricks & Roses! donor: Elaine give date: 2010-03-29 A Beautiful Spirit; a Beautiful Woman, a Dear Friend: Soar!! You are so loved, and held in vibrant Light! donor: Linda Z give date: 2010-03-29 $25 You are in my thoughts and prayers. donor: Sabrina Klein give date: 2010-03-29 $200 As in everything you do, you show courage, spirit and grace. My heart is with you in this journey. I think someone famous (that I'd never heard of) said, "Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway." I look forward to hearing that song someday. donor: Ana Lucas give date: 2010-03-29 $75 No comment left by this donor. donor: Jacob give date: 2010-03-29 $20 Meg - you're in my thoughts and prayers. much peace and blessings to you - jacob donor: Barney Costello give date: 2010-03-29 $250 my thoughts are with you donor: Barbara C. give date: 2010-03-29 $25 Meg, you're an inspiration to the rest of us. All the best from one bc fighter to another. donor: Jane Steele give date: 2010-03-29 $25 No comment left by this donor. donor: Molly Hickok '82 give date: 2010-03-28 $250 Theater geeks of the world unite. Much love to you. donor: Kimberly Ho schoelen '81 give date: 2010-03-28 $50 Meg - One can never have enough prayer... I am praying for you! donor: -Lauren Keating, LCT Directors give date: 2010-03-28 $10 Sending you prayers and well wishes! donor: Keller Easterling give date: 2010-03-28 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: John Palmer Edwards give date: 2010-03-28 $200 We send love and prayers for your healing and comfort -- John, Gigi, Olivia & Martha donor: Rog %Patterson give date: 2010-03-28 $50 from one of your biggest fans, Meg Lighting lots of candles! Rog donor: Broke Marilou Brewer give date: 2010-03-28 $20 Had cancer at 26, Meg. Cured it fasting 30 days on water. It's why I am a Naturopath now. Good luck, my dear. Your doing the right thing now!!! donor: Susan West give date: 2010-03-28 $25 Wishing good health donor: Ed Tuck give date: 2010-03-27 $100 Wishing you good health donor: Cesar E. Flores give date: 2010-03-27 $25 Meg You are in our prayers! donor: Shelley and Spence give date: 2010-03-26 $25 I wish we could give more. Forwarded your link to most of my email address book. All our love to you and mark. donor: Mr. Flynn give date: 2010-03-26 $50 We're all in this together... donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-03-26 $30 No comment left by this donor. donor: Lesley and Bob Currier give date: 2010-03-26 $100 We love you! donor: Joseph H Marshall give date: 2010-03-26 $250 No comment left by this donor. donor: Daniel Baxter & Carole Rankin give date: 2010-03-25 $100 Because we love Bari and Kristen and they love you and I am sure we would love you too donor: Kristin White give date: 2010-03-25 $50 Your eyes are as beautiful as I remember! donor: Vilma Silva give date: 2010-03-25 $100 Hey Pal. Wishing you all the best in your journey back to health done your way! Much love. donor: Mark Haworth-Booth give date: 2010-03-25 $50 Tender thoughts donor: Claire Beckman give date: 2010-03-25 $50 You can do this Meg! Never give up! Much love, support and positive thoughts going your way xoxox donor: Laura Gold give date: 2010-03-24 $50 My thoughts and prayers are with you, Meg. donor: Joy G. give date: 2010-03-24 $75 Meg - I don't know you but this list of people supporting you is so moving, I want to be part of it. "As therefore the bell that rings a sermon calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come, so this bell calls us all..." I wish you hope and healing. donor: Dan A. Woolley give date: 2010-03-24 $300 No comment left by this donor. donor: Nan Reed Twiss give date: 2010-03-24 $700 Meg, Dear Meg...I am thinking of you many times a day, sending my love. Here's a thought from George Santayana I've been thinking about: “The world is not respectable; it is mortal, tormented, confused, deluded forever; but it is shot through with beauty, with love, with glints of courage and laughter; and in these, the spirit blooms timidly, and struggles to the light amid the thorns.” Keep focusing on the light! donor: j S Urbsaitis give date: 2010-03-24 $50 Dear Meg, You do the healing. We'll do the helping. Love, strength and peace being sent your way on this journey. donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-03-24 $50 keep sharing your joy! donor: Paul G Steinhauser give date: 2010-03-24 $100 No comment left by this donor. donor: Sasha Alpert give date: 2010-03-24 $500 Meg - My thoughts are with you and your family. Much love, Sasha donor: Ad give date: 2010-03-24 $100 love you, Meggie donor: Anni Long and Jarion Monroe give date: 2010-03-24 $100 With love; and admiration for your courage, compassion for your struggle, and hope for your recovery! donor: Annie Terrasas give date: 2010-03-24 $50 "positive things can happen with a positive attitude". God is in your corner ! donor: Belinda Taylor give date: 2010-03-24 $50 Loving thoughts to you. donor: David Holtzman give date: 2010-03-24 $200 May the good drugs win. donor: Robert Vivens give date: 2010-03-23 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-03-23 $100 Its an honor to help. I worked with your Mother many many years ago, she is a beautiful lady. donor: Amy Resnick give date: 2010-03-23 $50 Oh darling, sending you love. Miss your shining face! donor: 2 strangers who care give date: 2010-03-23 $100 Sending love and light... donor: Anonymous give date: 2010-03-23 Meg, may the force of '83 be with you.... donor: Elise Wright give date: 2010-03-23 $583 Dear Meg-- Please know your '83 (and '82) family stands with you in solidarity and offers abundant strength and hope. donor: Billie Shepard give date: 2010-03-23 $25 Supporting your sweet face in all ways. donor: Judy Benedict give date: 2010-03-23 $200 I am happy to help Meg and her mother Betty in this quest. donor: David Maisel give date: 2010-03-23 $200 Meg, We send you love, strength, and hope! xxxx David and Lynn donor: Irwin Appel give date: 2010-03-23 $100 I love you honey donor: Judith A. Hunter give date: 2010-03-23 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: Cynthia Penney give date: 2010-03-23 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: wendy vanden Heuvel give date: 2010-03-23 $500 No comment left by this donor. donor: John Warren give date: 2010-03-23 $100 Sending you hopeful thoughts in this difficult time. donor: Jerome Potozkin give date: 2010-03-23 $50 Our thoughts and healing prayers are with you-from the family of Jerome Potozkin (brother of Amy) donor: Stona J. Fitch give date: 2010-03-23 $100 No comment left by this donor. donor: Jon Spear give date: 2010-03-22 $183 Good wishes, Meg donor: Patti Steele give date: 2010-03-22 $50 Meg, I worked with Betty at Key Bank. She is a wonderful woman and I know she is very proud of you. My best wishes for a speedy recovery. donor: Wendy Radford give date: 2010-03-22 $50 Meg - so sorry to hear you are going thru all this - you are in my thoughts donor: maura p. flynn give date: 2010-03-22 $100 I hope that this can help. donor: ann tracy give date: 2010-03-22 $100 No comment left by this donor. donor: Jennifer Maisel (David's sis) give date: 2010-03-22 $30 Meg - sending you good wishes. donor: Max Mayer give date: 2010-03-22 $500 No comment left by this donor. donor: Carter give date: 2010-03-22 $40. "You are neither free nor bound, but ever-present." donor: Karen give date: 2010-03-22 I met Mark in Astoria and my sister just told me today of your illness. I want you to know you both are in my prayers. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Astoria! donor: Benjamin B Yalom give date: 2010-03-22 $20 No comment left by this donor. donor: Astrid M. Wander give date: 2010-03-22 $50 No comment left by this donor. donor: Lorri Holt give date: 2010-03-22 $50 Dear Meg, I am sending you love and light.....Blessed Be, brave lady! ~ Lorri donor: Adam Beckman give date: 2010-03-22 $100 Stay strong Meg, my thoughts are with you! donor: Lars give date: 2010-03-22 $25 Try to stay positive. I beat cancer, you can too. xxoo donor: Cheryl L. Davis give date: 2010-03-22 $100 No comment left by this donor. donor: Betsy Stein (Bari's sister) give date: 2010-03-22 $180 Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. donor: Patricia Silver give date: 2010-03-22 $200 I thought of you 2 days ago, probably just around the time.... Happy to be of help. donor: LeeAnn Kendall give date: 2010-03-22 $20 Calling on the Infinite Wisdom within you to heal your body now. Sending you love and strength. donor: Julie B. and Amy P. give date: 2010-03-22 $50 Be well. donor: Bari Jacob Lydia & Cybil xoxox give date: 2010-03-22 $180 180 is a Jewish tradition I've always liked :) Life and 18 are the same characters in Hebrew ×—×™. Soak up the love and power, Meg! We're all there with you. donor: Renee and Aldo Billingslea give date: 2010-03-22 $25 Renee and I are sending you lots of positive energy! donor: Amy Potozkin give date: 2010-03-22 $50 Meg...may you embrace your healing journey with an open heart, courage and conviction. Thinking of you, sending love. donor: Robert, Kelsey and Meria give date: 2010-03-21 $30 Meg - we're taking extra breaths for you each day. Be strong, lady friend. donor: a family friend give date: 2010-03-21 $1000 sent with Love and Hope donor: Andrew Dolan give date: 2010-03-21 $20 Meg- (Do you remember me??? San Jose. 1991?) I read your journals. Very moved. Sorry this contribution is not more. My very best to you to stay strong, fight hard, love harder, and live with grace and hope.

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