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Unfortunately I am not sure if we can keep paying for these procedures to keep Mr. Dueces afloat & come home...

On the night of June 8th 2012 my partner and I had arrived home around 11pm that night from a family cookout to find that our dog (Mr. Dueces) wasn't in the front yard, where my partners mother had let him outside to use the potties... Once we came inside the house she asked if we had seen Mr. Dueces in the front yard? We both said no... So like normal we go outside and start to whistle and call his name, normally he would come running around the corner and be like YAY my parents are home!!! But this time something was different and didn't feel right. At about 1am it was getting kinda chilly outside and since I was still wearing shorts, I decided to come back inside to quickly change clothes and head back out for the search! At around 1:05am we heard my partner's mother yelling and screaming "OMG I think y'alls dog just got hit!!!" We panicked! We went running outside and started yelling and screaming for Mr. Dueces again... no sign of him. We went and got in my car and started flying up and down the roadway infront of the house and still no sign of him or a car... It was very dark outside and we thought maybe if he did get hit and she really did hear a dog yelp after hearing a THUD noise then maybe we should walk on foot... So we quickly parked the car and started out on foot yelling and screaming his name while walking up a roadway of 55mph... Still no sign of Mr. Dueces.. It was getting really late and we were hoping for the best... so around 3:30am we decided to go inside and hope that he would come back home like normal... Around 3:35am we were just getting ready to sit down on the couch when we heard that metal chain collar at the front door and a slight scratching noise. OMG it's him as we opened up the door! We started both crying our eyes out at what was to be seen once the light got turned on. Mr. Dueces somehow had made it back to the house with a limp on his right front leg and his mouth was all bloody and he was shaking from head to toe... We quickly grabbed some cloths and towels and warm water... While my partner was helping the dog out... I was calling every place that Google told me was a 24/7 vet hospital or clinic... They all kept telling me to apply for CARE CREDIT and they couldn't see my family member Mr. Dueces without having $120.00+ just for the exam fee... I finally went online and applied for CARE CREDIT and got denied! So now what are we suppose to do? Finally I call my mother and ask for her help! She was able to fund some of the money to us for Mr. Dueces at least for the exam and a little pain medication... The 24/7 Emergency vet charged us over $470.00+ just to tell us to give him these pills and he should be okay... On 6/11/2012 we took Mr. Dueces to the regular vet and they have to put him back under sedation, now that he has been on the meds for two days he has became really swollen and the regular vet is also having to take x-rays and do alot of tests.
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