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Those who love and care for Taj, the golden retriever pup, need help raising funds to cover the cost of his elbow dysplasia surgery.

My puppy Taj was my graduation present from college. He is a golden retriever, he just had his first birthday on April 10th, and is the sweetest, most loving, and incredibly special pup. People with pets may know, but they find a way to sink into our hearts and become part of you, and you forget what it was like when they were not there.
Tajie was just diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and advanced arthritis in both of his elbows. Elbow dysplasia is a genetic disorder, causing developmental abnormalities that begin in puppyhood and continue throughout the dogs life. In Tajie's case, he has deformation of his coronoid processes, which has caused multiple bone spurs, advanced osteoarthritis, a 30 degree loss in his range of motion, and severe pain on Tajie's part. For Tajie to live a long life with minimal pain, he needs to have surgery as soon as possible. It is usually only an option when the dog is less than two years old, and the earlier the surgery takes place, the better the prognosis. With his surgery, the coronoid process will be removed, the bone spurs will be removed, and the joint will be as cleaned up as possible to try to ensure his elbows have increased range of motion and he is able to live a normal dog's life. I am just out of college and about to begin advanced schooling in the fall. With loan payments and more loans on the way, I cannot afford his surgery.
The year that I have spent watching Taj grow up from an eight pound pipsqueak to a seventy pound, incredibly handsome, young man has been the greatest year of my life. He is my companion, he loves me unconditionally, and is there for me whenever I need him. I am trying my best to be a good mommy to him, and to give him the best life I can. It kills me to see him in pain and know that I could help, if I only had the money to pay for his surgery. If anyone is willing to donate even a penny, to help me save for Taj's surgery, he and I both could never thank you enough.
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