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Ernie and his Army of Angels are uniting to help him win the battle against cancer!

In September 2012, Ernie (a non-smoker) was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. We were all shocked, confused, devastated and in disbelief. Being diagnosed with Stage IV of any kind of cancer is just about the worst news anyone can get. The odds are pretty much stacked against you. But with complete faith, hope, love, determination and a positive attitude beyond anything I have ever seen before Ernie vowed to do his part to fight this disease every day. And we, his family and friends, his Army of Angels, have vowed to stand beside him every step of the way offering our constant love, support and prayers. The road to healing will be long and difficult but we are committed and believe in miracles. Ernie has a beautiful and amazing wife, Ana who has been his rock through all of this.  He also has a 14 year old son who looks up to his Dad and is doing his best to be strong through it all.  Because of the pain and intense treatment Ernie has had to stop working. Ana has also had to miss work frequently to help care for her family and deal with all of the medical issues and doctors. But the medical expenses are piling up and the need to continue to provide for the day to day needs of the family are still there.  It is not right that any of us should have to worry about finances and medical bills when we should be pouring every bit of our time and energy into healing, fighting this disease and spending quality time with the people we love. As his family and friends, we all wish that we could take away his pain. We all wish that we could change the odds. We all wish that we could somehow help to find a cure so that he will be ok.  But we can't.  All that we can do as his Army of Angels is to be there, to believe, to pray and to offer our support in any way that we can as he fights his way through this. And that is exactly what we are doing. So many of you have asked me how you can help. The offer alone warms our hearts and helps us stay strong in this fight. If you truly want to help we would ask that you become a part of Ernie's Army of Angels and donate whatever you can to DIRECTLY help him in this fight.  Any gift - $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 or whatever you can give will go so far to helping him in this fight and is appreciated more than we will ever be able to express in words. If you can't give, please offer a prayer. Also, please consider sharing this site with your network of family and friends. If you want to give but prefer not to do it online or if you have any questions, suggestions, prayers or words of encouragement, please send an email to Thank you for listening. Thank you for caring. Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for sharing. With love and appreciation, Ernie's Army of Angels P.S. Ernie officially started his treatment on October 1st. First radiation, then he will move to chemotherapy. Also, because he is so young he may qualify for a new promising study. We will be sure to keep all of you informed and updated as his treatment progresses. Again, thank you.  
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