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Jeddy is a five year old who cant speak and walk properly we are raising money for him to have a specialized therapy

Jeddy Odula was born on the 22nd February 2007 at Marie Maculate Hospital as a bouncing baby boy weighing 3ks. As his loving parents he was the best thing that ever happened to us, we were so happy and excited and did virtually everything we could to make his life as comfortable as we could afford.
After his birth we had great hopes always looking forward to see him phonate and babble with his first words like “mama and dada” .We were eagerly waiting to see him make his first step, month after month, we waited patiently until he was about 8 months and we realized something was not right. At this age Jeddy could not sit properly, was not able to bubble anything, and could not stand even when holding things.

Medical Report
We decided to seek medical explanation at Kenyatta National Hospital and were referred to a Neuron Pediatrician who recommended a CT scan. When the report came out, these were the Doctors actual words, “Jeddy has a Cerebral Palsy (Atrophy) and there is no much we can do about it, do you have another child?” He asked. “He is our first child” my wife replied, “Then get another child because Jeddy cannot walk or talk” he ended his presentation. We left the Hospital very disappointed and discouraged. What I felt then can never be described in words, my wife was so depressed she almost lost her mind.

Further Consultation
After widely consulting and researching on the internet we decided to have more test done on Jeddy, just to be sure. We went to Kikuyu Hospital for a Head X-Ray to confirm there was no fracture in the skull, then to Karen Hospital for an EEG test to rule out any possibility of being Epileptic. We went as far as using tradition way of massage but got discouraged after being told that the boy was bewitched by a neighbor. We are Christian and don’t attest or less regard to such beliefs.
We again decided to seek the view of a different Doctor at Kenyatta doctor’s plaza, Dr. Makawe. After going through the medical reports he gave us some hope. Using his words “Jeddy has a mild Cerebral Atrophy (brain size smaller than normal) this has affected his speech and motor coordination, there is no medicine but the condition can be managed through Therapy, this will require a lot of patient and resources, Jeddy will talk and walk if you want him to” he ended after which he recommended ENT test (Ear, Nose and Throat test) which we latter did at Upper Hill Medical Center.
Current Situation
Jeddy can hear, sees very well and can make sounds, in fact once in a while he says words like mum, wewe, yes, dad, boom- meaning car. He runs around the house and plays with his toys, we can communicate to him and give instruction which he responds in action, he cannot talk to us but do understand almost everything we say, he can walks but not very steady.
We’ve not given up on Jeddy who is now 5 years old, we took him for assessment at THERAPY FOR KIDS in Langata and according to the report , with the right therapy, he can be as normal as possible. To us this is the best gift we can give to him, but the cost implications are way too far above our reach. He needs a pedia suit therapy for at least two Months and a speech therapy for the same period of time. Attached is the assessment report. We’ve talk to almost all the speech therapist and below are the Numbers and the Institutions they represent.
Currently there are no speech therapy services at Kenyatta Hospital.
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