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Help me to have at least one happy day in my life.

First of all, I m sorry, my English is very bad. I live in Portugal. My name is Francisco and I'm 39 years old.
I do not know exactly what to write, so I'll tell you my story.

I was born in a small rural village in Portugal, but my parents never got married because they belong to completely different social classes. My mother's family was a poor family while my father's family was rich and so my birth was a great annoyance to my father´s family who never accepted me and never supported me in anything.
My mother ended up moving to Lisbon and took me with her, to the happiness of my father's family who didn´t want anyone in the area to knew that my father had an unwanted child.
What I remember from my childhood and my school days are sad memories. The death of my mother's parents are the memories that most influenced me, as well as the failure to be accepted at school by the other kids who bullied me and called me a son of a single mother.

Years later when I finished school, I always had the desire to take a course at a university, but my mother was earning barely enough to pay the rent and the food, so I decided to talk to the my father to give me some support and he denied it, because his children also wanted to go to the university and they were more important than me. So as I finished school I decided to go to work.

My first job was in an appliance store and little by little I was able to give some support to my mother and i got a bank loan to buy a house and a car that i needed to go to work.

The years passed and about 7 years ago I met a person, i fall in love with her and i was sure that i was going to build a life together and have children and she came to live with me and my mother in my house.
Months later I lost my job and I accepted a job offer in Spain, where I stayed for six months. My girlfriend was living in my house with my mother who had full confidence in her and treated her like a daughter. During my absence my girlfriend took advantage of my mother´s weakness, trust and advanced in age to make multiple loans on behalf of my mother who signed documents without reading, convinced they were simple documents or bills to pay no great importance. As a result my mother was defrauded of more than € 30,000 and with the money in her hands, my girlfriend disappeared without a trace. She just sent me a sms to end the relationship and saying that he had met someone else.
A few months later my employment contract in Spain finished and i returned to Portugal unaware of the fraud that my mother suffered. I was a few months unemployed and i lived with the help from my mother who was spending their savings, without telling me the fraud that had suffered at the hands of that woman. At that time my mother my mother´s life savings began to fail, she was helping me to pay the loan of my house and over 1300 € in loans from the fraud. That is, my mother paid 400 € for my loan and more € 1,300, so quickly all the money was running out and the situation began to be desperate. It was then when my mother lost the shame and told me that she had been a victim of a fraud and had made several loans without knowing it.
At the time I contacted the police and the banks, but nothing could be done, my mother had signed the loans, so she had to pay it. Luckily i got a deal with the banks involved in reducing the monthly payments of 1,300 € to 700 € per month, leaving me as guarantor.

A few months later I found a job where I am currently earning about € 600 that barely are enough to pay my house where I live with my 75 old mother who receives a pension of € 485. That is, my salary and my mother´s pension are a total of 1085 €, and after paying all monthly loans, we get less than 100 € to survive the whole month.
Last November i talked to my father to ask him to any kind of help and the answer was NO. Last Christmas he sent me a check for € 150, and i came to know that his other son received a new car as a Christmas gift.

Never in my life i had a day that i can say it was a happy day, sometimes I think I should not have been born.

Right now I think I'm not about to lose my job, but there have been months when I couldn´t not pay my debts, and i know that when my mother dies, I will not be able to pay, I will lose the house and everything I have and then my life will cease to have meaning.

It is sad to know that in 39 years of life i never got anything, never had a single day where I could say it was an unforgettable day and my mother worked all her life, and now in her later years when she deserved peace, she is paying for something that was not her fault.

When people say that adult men do not cry, it´s not true. I cry every day.

If donating money is not a possibly at this time, you can also help by spreading the word as much as you can to others who you believe would like to contribute.

Thank you for your love and support!

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