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Jenene has exhausted her health coverage through our employer and is now undergoing a very expensive Stem Cell Transplant at O.H.S.U.

Jenene has now undergone her Stem Cell Transplant with the help of her sister Charlene and is now back at home recovering!! YAY!! She did awesome, and is such a super star! She still needs your help to spread the word and help pay the medical costs! No amount is too little!!

Here is her story:

My co-worker and great friend Jenene, age 29, was recently diagnosed with A.L.L. (Otherwise known as Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia)

Jenene came to work early (as always on February 18, 2011) and had already been having a tough emotional week dealing with non-work issues. She looked fine, we shared a morning cry and I told her it would get better, and we went to work on our normal daily tasks. Later that day, I was off in a meeting, when Jenene was showing off her latest and greatest bruise on her chin bone. See Jenene is somewhat clumsy, so originally we though nothing of this, but that bruise looked like she had been hit with a baseball bat, definitely not normal at all. Fearing something could be happening more serious; another co-worker suggested she seek Urgent Care and find out what is going on. So, she scheduled a doctor’s appointment to have it checked out. Immediately after being admitted to Urgent Care, she was rushed to OHSU for a second look at this bruise and the red spots forming on her legs. Less than 8 hours later, Jenene called me that evening and calm as can be told me, “I have cancer.”
All I could think after hearing the news was, “There’s no way, they made a mistake, I can’t believe it. She is way too young, she doesn’t have a family history of cancer, she has more energy than anyone I know, she is healthy and skinny and all the things I wish I was, and this can’t be happening because… she is one of my best friends.”
The next few days are a blur to me. I cried a lot, I broke down thinking of her every time I passed our favorite frozen yogurt shop. I was in total shock. It was hard for me to get past the first few days, and all this time Jenene was a rock, she never faltered. It was me who needed to accept and begin to cope.
Jenene returned to the doctors only to find out more bad news. Partly because Jenene is so young her cancer is an aggressive cancer, and it is invasive. She learned that she would have to go through a lot of emergency chemo treatments and that her cancer was complicated as it limits it responsiveness to treatments. It will not respond to hormonal therapy, so her only chance of beating it is through intense chemotherapy and eventually a Stem Cell Transplant.
Jenene is a strong young woman. If you know her, you know she is a ball of fire! She is independent, smart, funny, and on the inside, tough as nails. Even through this battle she has kept a remarkable positive attitude, never letting herself think for a moment that she can’t beat this horrible disease. She is one tough cookie! She has the spirit to fight her cancer, but needs everyone’s help to make it a victory!
She has a wonderfully strong, supportive family and all of her co-workers are standing by her including her boyfriend Ross, who also works with us. During the course of her treatment Jenene has to stop working full-time, and she is struggling living off of a limited income, as you can imagine the financial burden continues to build as she needs more and more treatments.
Now - why she needs your help:
We were lucky in one major goal; we found out that Jenene’s sister, Charlene, is a PERFECT MATCH for her Stem Cell Transplant, a 1 in 4 chance! This is what is called an Allogeneic related transplant—The person donating the stem cells is a genetically-matched family member (usually a brother or sister). But this also means that Charlene now has medical bills as well. The cost for an allogeneic transplant may range from $150,000 to $200,000 for the recipient alone, not including recovery costs.
Jenene’s financial help from disability has come to an end. She’s now on her own, without a paycheck. This makes it very tough to pay for daily living expenses with all the medical bills this battle has created. She has applied for financial aid at OHSU and will receive some help from the State of Oregon, but some items will still not be covered. This was a huge victory-but there are so many other expenses to be paid for including medications, shots, gas money to get to and from the hospital, additional surgeries, and the list keeps going.
We certainly don't know what the total expenses are going to be - but I just know that I have to help in some way and HAD to get something started to help.
The costs to maintain daily living expenses while she fights this cancer are continually mounting. It is important that Jenene and her family focus all of their energy and strength on winning this battle.
We are raising money to offset/assist with these expenses. Our hope is that we alleviate that financial burden so Jenene can simply concentrate on getting better.
All your generous contributions are deeply appreciated- anything you can give will help!
Go Team Jenene!!! If you have any questions, suggestions, or just need to contact a representative for the family please contact Jenene’s boyfriend Ross Youngman at
Please note: Many people have asked if they may send a donation by mail. Of course you can!! Certainly!

If you wish to donate to her, please make the checks out to Jenene Philips and you can send them to
3543 SE Belmont St, Portland OR 97214.
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