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daughter lelia of the upshaw family is trying to raise money to pay off bills and for the holiday and transportation

To whom this may concern 11/21/12
My name is Lelia Upshaw and I am 20 years old. I am writing you on behalf of my family, there are eight of us. My mom and dad, my sister Breanna who is 21, my brother Gary Jr. who is 12, my nieces who Brittny 14 and Camille 4 and my nephew Cameron who is 5. The reason I am writing you is because I’m reaching out to how ever be willing to help my family out. So I’m going to start from the begging of what my family is currently going through. In March of this year we lost our home in Stone Mountain ga due to forcloser. We now currently leave in Atlanta ga a lady from our church rented us out one of her homes for 750 a month. While living here in Atlanta we have come to realize that it is so much more expensive to live. My mom is 100% disabled and can’t work even though she try’s my dad lost his job back in august of this year after many years of working with shell station as a inspection person. His old boss sold the company to some Russians and they had stopped paying my dad and when he asked where the money was so he can take care of his family his boss started yelling and taking her clothes off stating that she had no money what does he want her to do give the clothes off her back and fired him there on the spot. It has been hard for him to find another job. I have currently just started working for popeyes in Alpharetta GA so I’m the only one currently working trying to help out the best I can. But even with me working it’s still not enough the bills in this house are through the roof between the water gas and electricity the bills reign from 300 to 600 each on top of the 750 for rent. Just recently the only car we have blew a head gasket and is no longer working so there for if we have something to get done it’s either the bus or walking, which brings me back to my mother. My mom’s name is Deneen Upshaw and like I said before in 100% disabled, at the age of 48 she has had 4 major back surgeries in the past 7 years and each of them were a failure and due to a fall she had taken in Kroger she needs a 5th one. Because of her back problem she is now soon to be wheel chair bound. My mom is a God fearing woman and will do anything for her family to the point where she is raising 3 of her grand kids and she has had Brittny since she was 2month and then Cam and Mille for the past three years and neither of their parents are helping my mother take care of their children. My mom was just got cut off of food stamp, Medicaid, and TANF. The only means of income is my mom disability which is 400 a month my dad unemployment which is 330 a week and my paycheck which will be like 210 every two week which is a total around 2540 a month with a house hold of 8. The reason I am writing this letter is not for me but for my family in or time of need for the holidays and period. My mother is in need of a car to transport the kids back and forth from school and event at the school and I’m in need of a car to get back in forth from work and I’m soon to be starting school and my dad is in need of help finding a car. This Christmas isn’t going to be much for the kids due to having no money and it hurts to know that. My mom cries every day because of what is going on with our family it seems like we get one step forward and get knocked back 20 steps. My family goes to church every day even though we are going through rough times right now we still make sure that God get and hears our prays. Well there’s really nothing else for me to say beside I hope this letter touches your heart and that somehow you can help my family out. They have no idea what I am doing but I have learned to listen to the man upstairs and he told me before to pick up something and write what I am feeling and send it out to anybody and Ignored it but now he telling me again and that’s what I am doing right now. Thank you for taking your time out to read this may God be with you and bless you. Have a wonderful holiday.
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